Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why not daycare centers?

I'm surprised Rush didn't think there'd be daycare centers run on military bases - families live on military bases, you know!

Panetta Orders Global Probe of Military Daycare Centers
RUSH: Defense secretary Leon Panetta.  This is something else I didn't know.  "Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Tuesday ordered a worldwide review of hiring practices at all U.S. military day care centers after the Army revealed that it discovered problems with security background checks of workers at a Washington-area center.
"Shortly after the Army said it was launching an investigation of hiring practices at its 283 day care centers worldwide, Panetta's press secretary, George Little, issued a statement saying Panetta supports the review.  Little said Panetta has directed each of the military services to conduct similar reviews. The actions stem from the Sept. 26 arrests of two Army employees accused of assaulting children at a Fort Myer, Va., day care center. But the problem there apparently is much deeper; indications are that at least 30 workers at the Fort Myer facility have histories that call into question their suitability to care for children, two officials said."
Well, then how did they get the position?  When did the military start running day care centers?  What have I missed?  I read this whole story, I still don't know what it's really all about.  "Panetta Orders Global Probe of Military Day Care Centers."  Military day care centers?

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