Thursday, December 6, 2012

Since when do the rights of the one outweigh the rights of the many?

I'm an atheist, but there have been a few news stories recently that just irritate the heck out of me.

One parent complained that a high school shouldn't put on A Charlie Brown Christmas, because it was too religious. One person complains, so everyone else is out of luck! Then there's some Church in California that held a Christmas themed bake sale in a school auditorium. Here it was more than one person, I think some big ol' Atheist organization that likes to feel important threatened to sue, so no bake sale. The proceeds from this charitable thing were sent to Africa to help the starving folk there... Well, our government will just have to make up the shortfall in charity by sending more of our tax dollars over there. Then today as Rush said, some folks in a nursing home in California had both a Christmas tree and some menorahs - that'd be Jewish stuff - on display. And they loved that display. But someone complained, and the managers of the nursing home have sent in an order saying that the tree has to come down. It's just ridiculous! As long as people aren't *forced* to go see a play that they don't want to see...why can't the play go on regardless of its content? As long as people aren't *forced* to attend a bake sale and buy stuff from religious folks - why can't they have their bake sale? As long as the nursing home doesn't put a Christmas tree or a menorah in each person's personal room, regardless of whether they want it or not, what's the big deal of having a Christmas tree, and menorah's, in a communal area? If the symbolism means nothing to you...jee, just ignore it. Pretty easy to do.

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