Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The problem with "Low Information" people

This is the new buzz phrase, I guess, "Low information" voters. I'd call 'em "low information" people, myself - the people who sit in front of their TVs watching Tattoo Disasters or Wife Swap and think it's all perfectly normal and worth watching...
Carney Insults Boehner Proposal
RUSH: Jay Carney, the White House spokeskid, just called John Boehner's fiscal cliff proposal "magic beans and fairy dust." Now, Boehner's proposal is basically $800 billion of new "revenue" by closing "loopholes." And Obama said (impression), "Well, we can't close loopholes! Why, what would happen to charitable donations if we close loopholes?" See, everything he says that he wants to do, if it comes out of a Republican mouth, he's gonna oppose it.
Obama actually does want to eliminate the charitable deduction. That's... (interruption) Yes, he did! (interruption) Well, I don't know that Obama ever proposed it. It was always floated out there as a possibility. I don't think it was ever officially proposed, and I don't think it's been officially proposed now. However, Romney, as part of his campaign, did talk about raising revenue by closing loopholes and not raising rates.
The problem with that is that there are legitimate deductions -- lawful, legitimate tax deductions. They've all now been called "loopholes." I mean, we're losing the language debate every day. A legitimate tax deduction is not a loophole. But as far as these low-information voters know, it is.

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