Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Dec 2012, Fri, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--On The Right Track? Another Half Million Americans Fall Out of the Workforce
--Obama Runs Rings Around the Republicans on Tax "Cuts" and "Loopholes"
--Rand Paul Joins the "Let Democrats Raise Taxes and Own It" Crowd
--E-Cig Commercial Reclaims Freedom
--A 16-Year-Old Rush Baby
--Caller: Why Should I Still Care?
--Feminist Update: Women Ogling Women and Camille Paglia on Hollywood White Girls
--Boehner's Tea Party Purge
--Waiting for Her Granny Pills
--Remember Pearl Harbor, Anyone?
--Romney and the South
Stack of Stuff
--Old Folks Home Gets Christmas Tree Back
--Apartment Manager Threatens to Raise Rent on Democrats
--Baby Boomer Thanks Young Obama Voters
--CNN: Could be Last Jobs Report Before Country Goes Over Fiscal Cliff
-- Photo ID Required to Join Adopt-a-Letter to Santa Program

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