Tuesday, December 11, 2012

11 Dec 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--It's Payback Time for the "Rich" (Even Though Everyone in Washington Knows Raising Taxes Won't Fix This Mess)
--What the GOP Should Do: Propose Clinton Tax Rates and Clinton Spending Levels
--The Truth About Income Inequality
--Conservatives Didn't Lose the Argument, Republicans Never Argued for Conservatism
--Football as We Know It is Over
--Jeffrey Immelt: Communism Works
--Big Business Will be Blamed for the Coming Obamacare Job Losses
--The World According to an Obama Voter
--The Rush App: Perfect for Homeschooling
Stack of Stuff
--Tagliabue Vacates All Player Discipline in Saints Bounty Case
--Californians Could Face ‘Double Taxation’ With State, Federal Carbon Taxes
-- California Expands Obamaphone Program
--Google's Schmidt Turns Down Secretary of Business Job
--Elmo Puppeteer Enters Sandusky Territory
-- ESPN Orders Tebow Coverage Cutback...

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