Monday, December 10, 2012

Republicans should start campaigning

Listened to Hannity very briefly today, he was saying, sarcastically, that Obama didn't know the campaign was over because he was still in campaign mode - sending out emails and tweets to his folks and telling them to pressure Republicans into caving on the tax deals.

Well, gee, Sean, maybe staying in "campaign mode" is a good thing.

After all - it's how Obama won the election.

About a year ago, I signed up at both the Obama election website and the  Romney election website to receive regular emails updating me as to what the candidate was doing.

Since that time, I got at least one and sometimes multiple emails from the Obama campaign. From the Romney campaign - not one peep. Until maybe a week or two before the election when they tried a "Have dinner with Mitt contest."

Obama is communicating with his base and encouraging them to get involved.

The Republicans need to learn from that and do the same thing!

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