Monday, July 31, 2017

OT: Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo results

I've published the results for the Cheyenne Frontier Days PRCA rodeo at my Wyoming in Motion travel webzine.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Just what does LeVar Ball mean by "stay in your lane"?

Levar Ball, an egomaniac who seems to be living the high-life at the expense of his sons (and where's his wife/their mother, one wonders?) gets sports coverage every single day for no other reason than that he's an egomaniac.

He's accomplished nothing, his one-and-done son Lonzo has yet to accomplish anything, yet Ball, who coaches an AAU team, successfully got a female referee removed at halftime from a game. Supposedly she had a "vendetta" against him according to Ball and should "stay in her lane."

Has anyone asked him what that means?   Are women refs only supposed to ref women's games?

The atrocious thing about this is that Ball still has a coaching job. Presumably he puts up his monwy for the team. But parents send their sons to him to be coached, and what have they learned? If you don't like a call a ref makes, whine and complain and if it isn't changed, walk off the court.

Of course, there's plenty of professional basketball players who also whine and complain and disrespect refs - although baseball has its fair share of these idiots who think they're above the game (Bryce Harper, anyone)?

A few weeks ago, Ball also told some other woman to "stay in her lane."  This woman was someone who criticized him because his "Big Baller:" brand didn't sell women's clothing. I'm not going to look up that article, but on the face of it - even though once again I'd like to know what "stay in her lane" means, I wouldn't have minded Ball telling this particular woman to mind her own business. Why should a startup company have to make clothing for both boys and girls? Especially when girls these days wear the same clothing as boys? (They all look like they are swimming in clothes 20 times too big for them - such an unattractive look.)

So *that* was an unjust criticism, in my opinion - I'd be really curious to know why that woman would even *want* Big Baller brand to sell clothes to women in the first place.

Why would anyone buy Big Baller brand crap, period?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Carhenge would make a great place to watch the Great American Eclipse

A friend yesterday was telling me about Carhenge, a tourist spot in Alliance, Nebraska that features a life-size recreation of England's Stonehenge, only it's made out of cars!

Check it out at the Wyoming in Motion travel webzine here: