Monday, April 6, 2015

And Taco Bell's sexist commercial

So I'm watching the Colorado Rockies vs the Milwaukee Brewers.

Rockies ahead 10 - 0 in the 5th inning - that's good.

Then I see this Taco Bell commercial.  Two senior citizens sitting in their car, husband and wife presumably.

Elderly wife all of a sudden lifts up her shirt to show her breasts to her husband.

And I'm like...what?

The last thing impressionable boys need to see is that women - even elderly women - are there as sex objects only...

I've seen a few of those commercials for Girls Gone Wild or whatever they're called, all these sorority girls go on spring break, get drunk, then lift up their shirts to show their breasts to any guy who wishes to salivate over them...

If they were approached later by a guy who cops a feel, wlll they try to stop him? Or by this time will they be too drunk to know what is going on?  So the guy thinks, well, she showed me her breasts, gotta be pretty easy, I'm sure she'd say yes to sex if she were conscious, so she won't mind it while she's unconscious....

Then the next day the girl wakes up, vomits for an hour or so, then realizes she's had sex and doesn't remember anything about it...

Am I extrapolating too much?

I just think young boys and girls don't need to see women showing off their breasts - even if in this case it was a wife (one hopes) doing it for her husband.

Sad day for America...

As far as I'm concerned, Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod should have been banned from baseball two years ago.

Instead, after a year's suspension, he made his debut for the Yankees today - and everyone in the crowd cheered him!

He got cheers!

Probably 40,000 people in the stands, and no one cares that he's a cheater and a liar?

Well...they're hoping he's going to be a good player.

If he has a .200 batting average after the first three may be sure they'll boo him then.

Meanwhile...I'm hoping Ichro can have a resurgence with the Florida Marlins...I liked him as a Mariner...didn't like him as a Yankee (I don't like the Yankees!)...I hope he does well.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

For Angel Eyes Only - How *You* Can Earn Your Angel Wings

I've just launched my crowdfunding campaign to create a print magazine called For Angel Eyes Only.

It will be a print magazine and a digital magazine, as well as a blog and video journal, aimed at the backers/micro-micro-invesotrs/angels who will help people with their campaigns.

The idea is to create a gi-normous pool of angels who will deliberately seek out people to help - with just a dollar or two each - just to help folks along.