Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jay Carney resigned!

I'm a bit late in reporting this...

From the NewsMax article:
After more than three years of jousting with the White House press corps, President Barack Obama's chief spokesman, Jay Carney, will step down next month to pursue yet-to-be-named opportunities, Obama announced on Friday.
Carney's deputy, Josh Earnest, will take his place, the president said.
Obama interrupted Carney on the podium, where he was answering questions during the White House daily news briefing, catching reporters by surprise.

Interesting that Obama should show up on the podium to say goodbye...and interesting that Carney doesn't intend to go to work for anyone else right away....he's going to spend the summer with his children...

Well, his position probably pays $300,000 a year so he can afford to take some time off - will he get unemployment benefits though?

And of course every company that wants an "in" with the president is probably calling him right now offering him a job.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The VA Scandal

he headline at Rush's website is, of course, "Obama's VA Scandal", and of course there's the old adage, anything that happens on a sitting president's watch is his fault.

We've got to judge Obama on not that this scandal has occurred - but what he's doing about it.

What did he do about the tax targeting of Tea party nonprofilts...not a lot.

What will he do about this VA scandal? Will heads roll?

We will see.

Do you have an iPad? Then you need an ipad portfolio case!

I got an iPad for Christmas.  It's nice, I like it, but I was reluctant to take it anywhere because I didn't have a case for it, and I was terrified of dropping it.

I did have a cover for it - but all a cover is good for is keeping dust off the screen and or keeping you from scratching the screen if you accidently stack books on top of it without thinking.

But if you actually drop your iPad, that cover isn't going to do it any good.

So, a couple of days ago I went looking for an ipad keyboard case - you have to have a keyboard if you want to really work on your iPad, and found a good selection at a place called, and specifically at this URL:

They've got actual cases there, syou can choose an ipad keybard case or an ipad portfolio case and these are sweet, leather items that look very classy.

Check them out if you've got an iPad you want to protect!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rush regarding Prince Charles

It is rather scary to think of what environmentalists are doing to the USA.

Don't get me wrong - I'd much rather see wild animals in wild spaces than a slum where people won't accomplish anything in their lives (or people in large rich houses who are also wastes of space because they hall all this money and opportunities and shoot it all up their noses, etc.)

But when you think of how much more expensive energy is going to be because of the EPA - while at the same time India and China continue to build coal plant after coal plant - I'm like, what the heck??

Our coal power plants are clean and we need them!

Prince Charles, you talk about wasted space on the planet.  Man, oh, man, this guy was in London last night during the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism.  The Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism, and he proceeded to rip capitalism to shreds, as he understands it.  And in the process, what Prince Charles did is confirm something I've been saying for 25 years, that modern environmentalism became the modern home of anti-capitalists and communists when the Soviet Union fell.  It was one of my updated 35 Truths of Life.  Prince Charles comes along and veritably admits this.  


The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider, long-term interests and concerns of humanity rather than the other way around.  So critically, it would require the incorporation of environmental externalities.  We would have to account properly for carbon dioxide emissions, the use of water and fertilizer, the pollution we produce, and the biodiversity we lose.  All of these would have to be comprehensively considered in our economic and national decision making because inclusive capitalism cannot be truly inclusive if our dependence on natural capital, the economic invisibility of nature is not also included in our calculation.
RUSH:  Well, I know it's a bunch of gobbledygook.  Do you want me to try to explain this to you, or is it stand alone entertaining by itself?  (interruption)  It is.  He obviously thinks that he knows more than anybody else, smarter than anybody in the room, and he's making absolutely no sense.
The bottom line is he really doesn't know what he's talking about.  He's trying to dress up just total, unabridged socialism and make it sound like it's erudite, intellectual, very exclusive, very elite. (imitating Prince Charles) "Be allowed to talk about such things in polite company, otherwise might not be bright enough, smart enough to even understand what we're talking about."  Which in truth means you are so smart, there's no way you could figure out what he's talking about because not even he knows.
"The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider, long-term interests and concerns of humanity, rather than the other way around."  What other way around?  That's the first thing that struck me.  "The primary purpose of capitalism should surely --" I'm sure you would agree with me when I -- no, do not say that.  "The primary purpose of capitalism should surely --"  What, surely?  "-- be to serve the wider long-term interests and concerns of humanity rather than the other way around."  What is the other way around?  Let's see if we can find it in this sentence.  The primary purpose of long-term interests and concerns of humanity should surely be capitalism?  No, he doesn't mean that.  That's what he's arguing against.  But that is the other way around.
"The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider long-term interests --" Oh, you mean rather than the shorter?  The shorter-term interests or concerns is the other way around?  All right.  "So critically it would require the incorporation of environmental externalities."  See, at that point you're supposed to be so dazzled by what he's talking about, you hopelessly can't understand it, but you are gonna think the guy knows what he's talking about.

and finally
The royal family -- which happens to be the biggest welfare case in the UK, by the way.  The royal family is the biggest welfare case in the UK.  Of course he's going to like socialism.  All monarchs do.  It's how they survive.  But now Prince Charles is out there attacking capitalism as the root of all evil in the world,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A brief commercial message

I'm a freelance writer, and I've put a couple - well, several - "gigs" up at is a place where people can securely purchase work, and where people can securely provide services.

For $5 per "Gig" you might think that you don't get quality work, and it must be said that there are a few folks there to whom English is not their first language...

But I am a native English speaker, trying out Fiverr just to see how it works, and I'm looking for clients.

So, if you'd like me to promote your website or service on 5 of my blogs, I'll write 5 200-word posts using your keywords, for $5.  Order the Gig from so you know it's legit, and I know you are legit.  ;)

is that url.

I will proofread your website across multiple platforms - important if you've got a regular website and a mobile website.

That URL is:

I proof for grammar, typos, as well as functionality and appearance.

To check out my other gigs - such as video services, and even teaching you how to play scrabble, check out my profile link there:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rush wins author of the Year

And apparently a few people aren't very happy about it.

I'd actually given his book Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to my nephew...welll, to be honest my Dad had made me do it...I knew my nephew would never read it - he's not a reader and certainly not of history books

Well, hopefully more and more kids will read Rush's books.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have you entered the smart phone revolution yet?

Everyone these days has a cellphone, but not everyone has a smart phone - those things like iPhones or Androids which are nothing less than miniature computers.

I actually have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Skype installed, which I can use, but I've been contemplating getting an actual iPhone.

To that end, I've been scoping out the messages in a forum called Clear Talk, which is dedicated to cell phone usage around the world It's pretty interesting, actually, to see the hoops people have to jump through in certain countries to use their cell phones, let alone their smart phones!

Check out their message boards if you're interested in this type of thing:

The forums are part of a website called Clear Talking as well. They've got everything there about actually buying cell phones to job opportunities in the field.

Legalization of Marijuana

I only had time to listen to just a few minutes of Rush today...I'm being rushed off my feet. (Heh heh, that's not meant to be a pun.)

But he was talking about Colorado legalizing marijuana and I have to say in a sense I agree with him. Medical marijuana - fine - but I sure don't want to see half the population of Denver, et al stoned out of their minds every day...

But it's a catch 22. So many people in the US are in jail for victimless crimes - they take drugs, which is illegal.

Would people stop taking drugs if it was legal? Or would the problem just escalate?

If making drugs legal would remove dealers and drug lords from the equation I'm all for it. Anyone whose a drug lord should just disappear off the face of the earth, in my opinion. They're pure evil - especially those psychos down in Mexico and along the US- Mexico border.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Letl's talk flowers

If you live in the Vancouver, BC area, I thought you might be interested to learn about Flowers on 1st, a florist in Vancouver that makes daily delivers of lovely flowers and gift baskets to all areas of the city.

This Vancouver florist has a lovely website at and it gladdens the heart just to look at the beautiful floral designs there - very elegant and stylish.

Here's their logoL

 Now, when they say gift baskets, what they mean is that you can get baskets stuffed with chocolate as well as flowers.

So if you know anyone in Vancouver, or live there yourself and would like to add a touch of elegance to your table, or as a gift, check out their site and see what they have to offer.

They have a blog, too...