Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump's "Sexual Misconduct" - Interesting Timing

All these women accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct...where were they when he was running for the Republican nomination?

Where were they when he received the Republican nomination?

Instead, they wait until now? Two months before the election?

Of course the leaked tape doesn't do Trump any good - but there are unfortunately a lot of guys - young guys - who talk just like Trump does.

Ya gotta wonder if this was all a plot from the get go - by Trump! If these women's accusations are true...he must have known they'd come out, surely..?

Unless he wants to lose to Hilary?

Meantime, all the headlines of the "mainstream media" are certainly blatantly anti-trump. There was one which shows him standing behind her, attempting to "dominate" her. - the photographer maneuvered into that position because that's the shot he wanted to take!

The Manipulation of the Google

There are trends in everything.

The current trend, in websites, is to make everything on one page. For that reason, people with PCs with 25-inch screens have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to find what they want - unless they elect to leave all together which is what I usually do.

The website developers do this because Millennials and youngers aren't using computers any more - in their personal lives, mark you. They look up everything on their smart phones.

So everything developers are doing - everything Google is doing - is now geared toward people using smartphones rather than computers.

So everything has to be on one page, and as the smart phone user scrolls up they get to see these pages perfectly sized.

Google has changed its algorithm for people doing search for local businesses. Used to be there'd be a 7-line Google snack pack - the top-10 seven businesses in an area would show up with websites and phone numbers before the rest of the search results would.

I actually thought that was paid advertisement, but it's actually Google ranking the sites and doing that themselves.

Well, they used to do 7 but now they only do 3, because that's all that fits nicely on someone's smart phone.

I really regret this trend of people moving away from computers - and computers themselves being dumbed down so much.

The next generation of people on this planet will have no idea of how powerful computers used to be and what could be done with them. Or how big the screens were!

I envision, maybe 20 years from now, some visionary peering at a tiny smart phone screen will have a light bulb pop up... "Hey, instead of ruining my eyes looking at this screen, I think I'l invent a big screen for my house...and maybe a tower or perhaps an all-in-one with a DVD player, and then I'll start inventing really cool stuff Ican do with it...and I'll call it a computer.."

Monday, October 10, 2016

White man tells white neighbor to learn manners...does this make the Washington Post?

Just saw on the front page of my news aggregate, from the Washington Post, this article:

‘Learn your manners,’ a white man wrote to his black neighbor. This was the response.

was the headline.

My question is, why does this little dispute between neighbors deserve to be mentioned in a newspaper at all?

Happens every day between white neighbors, and black neighbors, and would never be mentioned.

Might even happen with black neighbors complaining about inconsiderate white neighbors.

But because it's a white guy complaining about the noise of a black man (who lives one floor above him) all of a sudden it was a racist attack? And deserves an article in a newspaper?

It's not like the downstairs neighbor came upstairs with a gun and threatened the black neighbor with a gun - that would obviously have been news.

(And you can find stories like that every day, sadly, where white one neighbor shoots another white neighbor for mowing the lawn in the middle of the day, and so on).

But the guy leaves a note, complaining about the noise, and threatens to call the cops if it happens again? This also happens all the time and is not news.

Presumably the black guy in question called a reporter of the Washington Post because he wanted this awful example of racism known...  my question when I read it initially was - the guy lives one floor below you - does he know your name or what color you are? Or just that you were "stomping around" at 1:30 in the morning?

Why assume he knew anything about you except that you lived directly above him?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Examples of white privilege

I didn't really believe in "white privilege" until today.

Ben and Jerry's icecream is honoring the Black Lives Matter movement with Empower Mint icecream. (And no I don't agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. If you want to convince police you don't deserve to be shot on sight, don't chant "Kill all police" and "police are pigs" and act like the violent thugs they think you are!)

There's lots of comments on this thread, and one of them stated the blacks were raping white women all the time, and the media pays no attention to it.

Someone responded about all the white males who are arrested for rape and never serve a day in prison. Whereas if it was a black male - you know they would!

Here's the examples (and a few judges who need to be removed from office): (This is the Ethan Couch case - drunk driving rather than rape, but the principle is the same.)

The above are just a few examples. Are all these examples of "white privilege" or examples of judges not taking rape seriously?

To not sentence someone to jail because it will "ruin his life" or because he will not "fare well in prison."  Meantime the female victim's life is ruined.

Something very wrong here...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

He doesn't recognize the irony in what he's saying...

I was listening to Rush a couple of days ago, and he was commenting on how the media has set out to "destroy" Donald Trump like they set out to destroy every Republican candidate...

And that's probably true... but there's always another side to the story..

Hasn't Rush and Sean Hannity and other Republican media set out to destroy Hilary and Obama?

Don't complain about what the media does to one candidate when *you* do it to the other.

Having said that, it's true that the mainstream media doesn't seem to post negative-headlined articles about Hilary Clinton, but they certainly do it about Trump all the time.