Monday, December 29, 2014

Getting ready for the new year

Haven't posted in here since Dec 14 ...

New Year's goal is to get back to posting in this blog every day... regardless of how really depressing the news is....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Arrogance goes before a fall...

I've never liked the little homily, "Pride goeth before a fall." There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and the work you do.

Being arrogant about it - that's something else again.

So when Johnny Manziel started his first game today, I was expecting him to be crushed, and he was. No Tebow magic from Manziel - he couldn't do anything right.

And the fact that everyone who sacked him or intercepted him did his little "Money" move - just the icing on the cake.

I wasn't able to watch most of the game, unfortunately - company came over and I had to play scrabble.... but I *think* I heard the announcers say that Manziel was going to be starting for the rest of the year....

So I'll get a chance to see him next week and expect to enjoy it.

I don't think the guy is as bad as Ryan Leaf - at least I hope he's not that bad (in that he'll do drugs etc and end up in jail), but I don't think he's going to last long as a football player.

It's such a pity that the Jets didn't give Tebow a chance - or that Tebow refused to turn himself into a wide receiver or something...but that ship has long since sailed, anyway....

Saturday, December 6, 2014

If they'd just be constructive instead of destructive...things might change

I found an article at the Politico form August 15, 2014, entitled What I Did After Police Killed My Son. It was written by a white, Retired Air Force lieutenant Colonel.

10 years ago, in Wisconsin, his son - white- was apparently slightly intoxicated,  had his hands handcuffed behind his back, but was shot in the head by a Latino police officer. Within 2 days the investigation was over and the officer cleared - because in Wisconsin, it's the police who review these things apparently, not a civilian review board.

Did the white residents of this Wisconsin city riot and destroy their town?  No. Mr. Bell filed a wrongful lawsuit and won - albeit after many years. He also started a foundation to get Civilian Review Boards to investigate when police officers kill someone, rather than the police - at that law was recently passed in Wisconsin.

And so, okay, it took 10 years.

But now we've got this ridiculousness in Ferguson, Missouri. The black populace didn't get the verdict they wanted.  Instead of immediately banding together and filing a wrongful death lawsuit, and contacting Michael Bell and saying, "Hey, how can we get such a law passed here in Missouri?" a group of folks destroy their town. (And apparently, if another article in the Politico is to be believed, the cops protected the "well-off" i.e. white neighborhoods, and left the black section to the rioters and looters, who of course destroyed it all.

And what has all this rioting and looting accomplished?  Nothing but destroying the businesses and employment of a lot of people, and confirming to a certain segment of the population that their prejudices about the black population were and are right.

One good thing will come of this - and not before time - mandatory uniform cameras on all police officers. This is actually a great idea and it's a pity it wasn't introduced 10-20 years ago. Hopefully the camera films the action by remote and it goes to a place where the recording can't be tampered with... and then the conduct of the police officer and the individual being arrested/detained/whatever will be available for all to see.

(Having said that, the officers in New York who tried to arrest the poor guy selling "onesies" (one cigarette rather than a whole pack) were filmed - and yet people who view what happened still can't decide who was in the right and who was in the wrong... I guess it all depends on what you want to believe...)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Micro-investors - 6 days left to help Russian-Israeli-Brooklyn singer produce her first CD!

Sasha Daniel is a professional singer, the daughter of professional musicians who immigrated from Russia to Israel to the United States.

There's 6 days left on her crowdfunding campaign to produce her first album and she's a little over halfway there.

Let's push her over the top.

But first... how will you know if you like her music?  Easy, take a listen to her videos below.

If you like what you hear, why not go over to her campaign page and pledge a few dollars to get her CD when it's released.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open letter to Rams football team

Dear Rams football team,

When you play your next game, please run out onto the field holding placards in your hands. On the placard should be the illustration of a bloody hammer, and over this illustration, perhaps the circle with a slash mark through it, signifitying that you don't approve of gangs of teenagers going around beating innocent people to death with hammers.

Here's the article you should read, Rams football team:

If you read that article, you will know that the victim was white, and since the ethnicity of the gang of teens who beat him to death with a hammer is not given, you will undoubtedly be able to figure out that the teens were black.

Or if you want to make sure, you could do a Google search on "teens beat Bosnian man to death with a hammer" and Breitbart will point out to you that the teens were black...

I wonder, Rams football you read the newspapers?  Do you ever wonder why, on those rare occasions when a white person kills someone who is black, ethnicity is always given and it's always thought of as a hate crime... but whenever a white person is killed by someone who is not white, ethnicity is never given, and of course it can't possibly be a hate crime.

Commenters - can you prove me wrong? Please share newspaper article links from mainstream newspapers that give ethnicity of perpetrators of minority-on-white crime.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Buddy, can youspare a dollar to earn your angel's wings?

Crowdfunding is the new way for small and mid-size entrepreneurs to fund their ideas. Instead of going to a bank and having to go through the whole application process, they go to a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe, put up their ideas, and receive pledges.

It's more than just business ideas, of course. GoFundMe for example also does charity work - to help people pay medical bills, for example. is a new blog that showcases a variety of campaigns on the crowdfunding sites.

The idea is to "connect micro-investors to entrepreneurs."

My idea is to develop a core (and even a corps) of of a thousand or so micro-investors who can afford to pledge $10 a month to help back these entrepreneurs.  They'll choose ten campaigns each month that appeal to them, and pledge $1 (or more of course.)

If we can put together  a core group of a thousand people (and continue to build on that) all these worthy campaigns can get money towards their goal, and our core of microinvestors will earn plent of angel's wings.

There's a website for this:, which publishes a video crowdfunding magazine that showcases three campaigns in the same niche, per week.

The first issue has been published at YouTube and features two graphic novels and a comic convention in Detroit.

So if you'd like to become a micro-investor and help out, check out the crowdfunding websites on your own, or subscribe to the blog, or bookmark the website, and let's start helping people, $1 at a time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why publish the cop's home address?

I was channel surfing a few hours ago, and stopped on the Hannity Show just long enough for Hannity to say that the New York Times had published the home address of Officer Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown after Brown had attacked him.


What do they expect people to do with that information?

Don't they realize that their are hundreds of 100-IQ individuals in Ferguson who will go to this guy's house and burn it down?

Is that what they want to happen?

It is extremely said that all of the media seems to be on the side of Michael Brown, and says that the "fix was in" despite the fact that it was a jury of people - including 3 blacks - who voted not to indict Wilson?

And where is the justice in these psychos n destroying the businesses, many of them belonging to African Americans, and destroying property that belongs to people, including African Americans?

Does no one see the irony in the fact that none of these looters has been shot yet? Despite the fact that each and every one deserves it?

There's something so wrong in this's like we're living in the Twilight Zone where evil is praised and good is damned.

As I said a couple of days ago, I hope the people who have had their businesses destroyed by these rioters never rebuild. Let the folks in these neighborhoods sit at home, wishing they could order pizza...but oh, no they can't the Little Ceasar's has been burned down.

And they can't go shopping,  because they've burned down their neighborhood stores...

Idiots, one and all, and the media that aren't condemning their actions are culpable as well.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What did the riotinng in Ferguson accomplish?

Many people without jobs today, who used to work at the businesses that were burned down.

Many businesses no longer in business - so folks who used to use those businesses are just out of luck.

I had a whole long post to write but I'm just not in the mood.

There should be a lot of dead looters today. Instead there's people laughing in their homes drinking the alcohol they stole and watching the TVs they stole, and crowing about how them being thieves has somehow brought justice to Michael Brown...

Frankly, I do blame Obama and Holder for about enflaming instead of calming. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

I hope every torched business does not re-open

It was announced early this morning that the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri had reached a decision whether or not to indict the police officer accused of shooting unarmed big-as-a-truck teenager Michael Brown and killing him.

Instead of announcing it at around 10 am when they made their decision, they waited until about 7 pm tonight or so, giving certain individuals in Ferguson plenty of time to gather and plan their looting opportunities.

When it was announced that the police officer wouldn't be indicted, the taunting of the police officers began. The police were instructed to keep a low profile, leaving plenty of businesses defenseless and letting looters go in and take whatever they wanted, plus set fire to the buildings.

In a city with a large police presence, the fact that there was so much destruction of Ferguson is inexcusable. All the looters - regardless of race (for I have no doubt a few whites decided to get in on the act and make off with liquor and TVs too) should have been shot on sight.

Shoot a few of 'em, and the looting would have stopped.

As it is, several businesses have been destroyed, and it is my fervent hope and wish that the owners of these businesses take their insurance money and move somewhere else to re-open and start afresh.

I sincerely hope that the burned-out buildings be boarded up and allowed to sit there forever. When the citizens of Ferguson wonder why they have no place to go buy clothing or food, they can remember 24 November, the day they let mob rule take over the city.

The "protests" weren't only in Ferguson, of course. Apparently 1,000 people marched in Manhattan, too, chanting, no justice, no peace.

Of course, they are referring to their brand of justice, where one black man killed by a cop in a decade is an atrocity, and racism, but 40 black people shot and 3-4 killed every month in Chicago doesn't deserve a mention. One really wonders where the outrage is on that score.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

These next 2 years are going to be... interesting

I see President Obama still remains bound and determined to cripple the US - we have plenty of "emissions" controls in place, unlike the 10 years are we going to be running around in put-put buggies that won't run during winter time (I speak of electric cars), everyone stuck in their own town because they can't afford to travel anywhere else?

Scary thought - the tourism industry will die - jobs will die... I don't want that to happen.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

So, we'll see what the Republicans can do

The Republicans took control of both the House and Senate during the mid-term elections.

What this should mean is that the American people don't want Congress working with the President - otherwise they would have elected Democrats.

(But, remember the midterms where Bush lost everything to the Dems? I didnt hear Rush on that occasion saying, The American people have spoken. It's time we started working with the Democrats.)

I don't really think the American public knows what it want...

I do know that I don't want Obama passing Immigration "reform" by executive fiat... which I think he is going to try to do.

Meanwhile there's Obama care.  How much money has been wasted on implementing it...and now the Republicans are going to try to repeal it... w hat happens to those who have already signed up for it?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Get a Grip, You Stupid Cowboys!

I missed much of the Cowboys - Cardinals game, but they've been showing the highlights (or should I say lowlights?) as I wait for the Denver Broncos - New England Patriots game to come on.

Romo was not playing, backup QB Brandon Weeden was in. And the guy was having troubles.

Did his teammates - in particular his wide receivers- rally around him and calm him down and tell him when and where to throw the ball since he was having trouble with the routs?

Why, no they didn't.

Instead they'd come off the field and bark at the poor guy. Bryant twirled a finger around his head, presumably demanding that Brandon Weeden think, another guy threw his mouthpiece at the bench and swore.

I'm sure that was great for Weeden's morale.

Frankly, you've got to blame the offensive coordinator. Whenever a backup quarterback is put into the mix, you have to simplify things. The guy hasn't been with the first team taking reps, has he? In fact he probably hasn't taken any reps at all. Call short passing plays, let him get his feet under him before you start running the long routs with the big name receivers - yes Dez Bryant I'm talking to you - who demand the ball a certain number of times each game whether they are open or not.

Romo will apparently play next week... not sure what will happen to Weeden...hopefully - but not likely - he'll take his teammates to task during the press conference and thank them for holding him up and being there for him... umm...not.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"The dark guy in the middle"

Political correctness, and cowardly businesses, have really gotten out of control.

There's a black hockey player named Subban.  (Is it okay for me to point out he's black? The rest of the story depends on people knowing that he's black...)

He scored a winning goal, and a photographer took a picture of it, and apparently wrote the caption.

All the other players were white, surrounding Subban in the middle. The caption said that Subban was "the dark guy in the middle."

And the Canucks are beside themselves, apologizing that such a caption should never have been written, let alone published.

And I'm like, what on earth is the big deal?

If you've got all white guys in a photograph, and they're all unknown, you identify them by their numbers, sure. But if you've got all white guys, and one black guy, isn't it ridiculous to say, "Subban is the guy to the left of number 64," (if Subban's number wasn't visible, which it wasn't.)'

What on earth is wrong with saying "Subban is the black guy in the middle"?

Perhaps it's that he was called "dark" rather than "black" that caused the Canucks to start apologizing all over the place, but geez, that's hardly bad, either.

The fact that a major sports franchise like the Canucks feels it needs to apologize and grovel for something that is just common sense is very scary.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland votes to stay in the UK

How much time and money was wasted, I wonder, by people campaigning to have Scotland leave the UK.

What does Scotland have to be unhappy about, and couldn't it have been fixed by spending the "let's form our own country" campaign money on whatever was causing the problems?

Politicians are politicians the world over. Scots politicians (I think the Scottish want to be called "the Scots," not "the Scottish") want the power that would come with ruling in their own government, whether than sharing the role with English politicians, I guess...

But just think of the expense that would have arisen if some of those Scots folk had got their own way... elections for new members of Parliament, would they have dumped the monarchy or started up their own? would people need passports to travel from England to Scotland - of course there'd be opportunities for income such as selling Scottish passports and Scottish stamps...

That's one thing I missed on my last trip to Europe, many years ago now.

I used to love getting my passport stamped as you went through customs... I was on a bus tour through Europe and never once had my passport stamped as we went through Germany, Czech (but not Slovaki) and some other countries I don't remember, and which I can't check by looking at my old passport because it was never stamped by them!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Minnesota Vikings and anyone else under attack: Stop Apologizing and Just Do It

Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings, apparently used a tree branch to discipline his 4-year-old son and hit him pretty hard, and was arrested in Texas under charges of child endangerment.

Peterson says he did nothing more than discipline his son the way he had been disciplined.

The courts say he went to far.

Now, I'm not saying that Peterson wasn't out of line to hit his son with a "switch" or "tree branch" - but who can trust courts these days?  Parents can't discipline their kids by just spanking them, either, which is why there are a lot of awful kids out there.

So just because a court says it was child abuse, I don't know if the guy needs to be arrested and go to trial for it. Just tell him - look, you can't use a switch on your kid, so don't do it again.

But here's the thing that's got me riled up.

The Vikings deactivated Peterson for one week.

I thought it was stupid - let the legal process play out first. It's not like he punched a woman so hard he knocked her unconscious, or went driving while drunk where he could have killed somebody.

But they did it.

Then, they reactivated him and said they'd let the legal process play itself out.

Did they not expect the firestorm that would erupt?  Why not stand by your guns and defend your position.

Instead they fold, again, and now have deactivated him again.

Did they really not think that people would be upset if they reactivated him?  Were they really unprepared for that "firestorm"?

Are they really going to let "the mob" dictate to them how they're going to run their business and who their on-field personnel are going to be?

Why not just let Peterson play one week... and if half the stadium was empty on Sunday then they'd know they'd have to deactivate him again...

But I would have been very surprised if the staidum hadn't been sold out.

Although perhaps people who wanted to go to the game would have had to wade through protesters...

It is getting scary, though, how businesses are spineless these days.

And clueless.

Again, I'm not condoning what Peterson did, but it's not as if he beat the kid into a coma or anything of that nature. Surely the guy just made a mistake and can be told, "Don't do it again." Making a court case out of it is ridiculous.

But at least people today can't say that other people care more about dogs than little children (ie the firestorm that erupted when Michael Vick was let back into football after serving his time.)

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Times Magazine cover: The Tragedy of Ferguson

I haven't read this issue yet, but I find the cover extremely interesting.

It shows a man, *kneeling on the ground*, with his arms up.

The implication being that "the gentle giant" was kneeling on the ground with his hands up when he was shot by the police officer.

Was this the case?


When you've got a 6 ft 4 guy coming at you, disobeying orders to stop and get on the ground, then you shoot him, regardless of whether or not he has his hands up. Because if he gets close enough, he grabs you, overpowers you, and takes your gun.

But Time seems to want people to think that "the gentle giant," was in fact defenseless.

A far cry from 20 years or so ago, when it....or was it Newsweek? deliberately darkened O. J. Simpson's skin color, when they put him on the cover after being arrested for his wife's murder, to make him seem more menacing.

Now they seem to have gone in the opposite direction - all blacks accosted by police are innocent and being harassed, and all white cops kill them without compunction or a second thought.

(Never mind that a white cop shooting a black individual is very rare... how many riots have we had over this - two in the last few years, the Trayvon Martin case and this one?  And how many blacks have been killed by blacks in Chicago.... in the last week? Where's the outrage and the call for change over that, Mr. Obama, Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson, and UN?)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

OT - IndieGoGo Campaign - The Speaker Pod

I'd like to invite all my readers to check out an IndieGoGo campaign for the Speaker Pod.  You can read some of the details below, but please check out the URL to see ALL the details, and view a video that shows how the Speaker Pod works - you'll be able to hear the difference in the audio as soon as you put a smartphone or MP3 player on the Speaker Pod.

Never heard of crowdfunding? Basically, there are several sites where people with an idea go, to request backers to help them produce that idea.

You aren't donating anything - you are a backer, and for your pledge you receive rewards - including a Speaker Pod or two.

I'm helping a friend with this, so please check it out if you like listening to music on your smartphone, or if you just like helping small entrepreneurs realize a dream.

If you love to listen to music wherever you go and are tired of carrying cables around, the Speaker Pod is for you!  Join the Pod People!

Speaker Pod represents big sound in a small package. With its innovative acoustic mechanism, Speaker Pod delivers sound that is crisp, clear, and full-bodied. Sound emanates from your phone's speakers and envelops your ears, with no need for wires, cables or Bluetooth!

Our Speaker Pods, which come in snazzy green or basic black, have a starting cost of just $24!
Unlike our first iteration of this technology - the Boom Bx - Speaker Pod is powered by a rechargeable battery. Not having to buy batteries equals a savings cost to the consumer, and is of course a benefit to the environment. All the user has to do is use a mini USB (included) to charge their Speaker Pod.

The Speaker Pod has a simple on/off switch, which is much better than a push button when it comes to quality. (We discovered this with our Boom Bx, which had a push button. We quickly learned that an on/off switch is much more reliable.)

Simply turn the Speaker Pod on. Then, turn on your smartphone or MP3 player  and start playing music. Place this device on the Speaker Pod, and immediately the music, crisp, and clear, will soar out into the room.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Is Obama really as unpolitic as he seems?

Obama talked briefly about the murder - the beheading - of that journalist by ISIS, looking all somber and serious, I'm sure... then he goes right out to the golf course and starts joking around with his fellow players.

And I"m thinking - he must have known the cameras would be trained on him - did he think the cameramen wouldn't share his laughter and cheerfulness with the rest of the country?

I dunno...I heard about that poor guy and I felt kind of sick... I wouldn't have been in the mood to go t a comedy movie or anything of that nature, and if I'd gone bowling (I'm not a golfer) I would have been a bit subdued with my friends, just because it's such a depressing topic.

But Obama?  Cheerfulness personified.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What constitutes a yes?

One thing about women college students... apparently when they go off to college all they want to do is get drunk...and if sex happens...well, it wasn't their fault, they were drunk, the guy shouldn't have taken advantage of them.

I remember - this was decades ago - visiting my sister who was in her first year in the Air Force, back when she had to live in a dorm with another woman - her roommate got drunk every Saturday and spent every Sunday throwing up in the toilet.

So now out of California we get this "Defining when yes means yes" law, to help universities prosecute rape.

And I'm just thinking - if women wouldn't get so stinking drunk that they wouldn't be unconscious while someone was violating them, or so drunk that they lose their inhibiitions (which is why most people get drunk) they wouldn't place themselves in a position where they'd need this stupid "Yes means yes" legislation.

(And no I'm not saying a woman who is drunk out of her mind deserves to be raped. I'm just saying that she really has no one to blame but herself if she can't fight the drunk college kid on top of her off or is unconscious while it's happening.

(I'm not talking about women who are victims of a date rape drug, mind you, taking a drink from a guy they trusted. I'm talking about women who get so drunk that they don't even know what day it is...and then wonder why no one respects them enough to ask permission...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Does no one understand clinical depression??????????

Robin Williams committed suicide today, at the age of 63.

He "had it all."  Money, fame.

But apparently he'd been battling depression for years.

So the bright bulbs on message forums are all saying, "He had it all...why would someone like that commit suicide?"

Dont' these people watch Tv? Practically every TV show will have a commercial for some kind of anti-depressant drug, and there are always warnings at the end of the commercial - "stop taking if you start thinking about suicide."

So let me try to explain this to anyone who thinks Williams "threw his life away".

Clinical depression is NOT depression.

You cannot "snap out" of clinical depression.

Clinical depression is an illness, caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

People who are clinically depressed need to be on medication.

Sadly, medication has side effects.

One of the side effects of anti-depressant medication is that it can actually make you feel suicidal!!!!

So whatever Robin William's issues were, cut the poor guy some slack.  He was clearly clinically depressed.

I don't mind people committing suicide - people have a right to do what they want to themselves and if they can't stand to live anymore, that's their business.

But - if you're clinically depressed, you are not really responsible for your actions.

Again, clinically depressed is NOT the same as being depressed. That's why they add that extra word, "clinically" in there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time for Poland to declare war on Russia?

Of course they won't do it... but the fact that Ukrainian separatist terrorists are going around shooting down innocent civilian planes - that just makes no sense.

Then there's Israel and Hamas.  Hamas launches rockets into Israel, Israel fights back, and Israel gets the blame?   Well, it's because Israel's weapons are more efficient than Hamas's - but because of that they're not supposed to use them?

It's like we're in the Twilight Zone....

Friday, July 18, 2014

No Rush today

Mark Steyn is filling in today. Rush is playing in a golf tournament.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Joe BIden's (latest) Gaffe

What happened to Obama's "hope and change"?

The below two paragraphs are from the Washington Free Beacon:

The “Hope and Change” promised by Barack Obama and Joe Biden in 2008 “didn’t happen,” according to none other than Biden himself during a speech Wednesday.
Everybody says because we tried in ’08 and it didn’t happen, it’s not possible,” Biden said. “Wrong. We’ve gone through these periods before … Folks, this is totally within our power. Change for the better is absolutely possible, and I believe it’s close to inevitable if you’re the drivers of it.”
National Journal’s Ron Fournier on Thursday argued Biden saying this was a “really bad moment for the White House.”
“He basically conceded the original sin of the Obama presidency which is we promised to at least start changing Washington and we failed. And then later on what he does say? We can change things if we’re the drivers of the change. Well, who has been driving the last five and a half years? It was a really bad moment for the White House,” Fournier said on CNN’s New Day.

Where is the gaffe here? *He's* not saying hope and change didn't happen, he's saying that others - probably African Americans as poor now as they were then - are saying it didn't happen.

Sure would like to see those two sentences in CONTEXT!

OT: Need a plumber in Washington state?

I was talking to a friend in Mason County, WA yesterday, and he was mentioning that he'd been searching for plumbers in Mason County and plumbers in Pierce County, just to check out their services.

Plumbers do much more than just clean out your toilets or pump out your septic tank, they'll find your sewer lines, repair your sewer lines, practically everything that needs to be plumbed, a plumber will do.

I wonder if its better to stick with a plumber who only works in one town, or if a company that is so big that it has practically a franchise would be the way to go. For example these folks my friend was looking at - and found, when he searched for plumbers in Mason County.  (Why he was looking for plumbers in Pierce Country, too, I do not know!)

In any event, if you live in Washington and are looking for plumbers in Mason County.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

John Kerry had a point...

Rush mocked John Kerry yesterday..

Rush is always talking about American exceptionalism... and it used to be true (today you gotta wonder though...)

This is what Rush said and then Kerry's quote:

Lurch: American Exceptionalism Talk Makes Me Uptight
RUSH: Now, the John Kerry quote: "...I was privileged to speak to the graduating class of Yale this year, and it was particularly a pleasure because it happened to turn out to be, literally -- I hate to say it -- 48 years to the day that I was privileged to speak as a graduating senior to my own class. ... I get always a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional we are -- not because we're not exceptional, but because it's kind of in-your-face and a lot of other people are exceptional. A lot of other places do exceptional things."
Of course he does, because these people are laden with self-hatred and self-guilt over what they consider their good fortune to be.  

Rush is totally mischaracterizing what Kerry said.

I mean, come on, talk about Ugly Americans.

You go to some other country and say, "Look, America is exceptional, and you guys stink"  Then you try to give them advice on how to deal with their minority problem...or their drug problem... and they look at you and say, "Yeah, your African Americans are real happy" or "The US has more people imprisoned for drug offenses than the rest of the world combined."

Announcing the Crowdfunding Clarion!

I've started a new blog to help give some publicity to folks seeking crowdfunding on such sits as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, and various regional, country-specific sites (to which I think international people can donate.)

First entry is Help Fund Research Into Dinosaur Dung

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I thought these illegal kids were being deported?

Turns out they're being placed with families in a variety of states... I wonder if they're being placed with white families or Latino families...

The governor of Nebraska was livid when he found out that a whole slew of these children crossing the border are being dumped in his state and nobody told him, he didn't know.  That was the sound bite.  And it's happening to a lot of governors.  They're not being told.  That Border Patrol and Homeland Security and whoever it is, these companies the Regime has hired to handle transportation logistics, they're just dumping these kids. They're dumping them with families, I mean, they're dumping them in houses and homes.  They're not dumping 'em on the street, but the governors of these states do not know it.

There's a story about this today at National Review Online, Jim Geraghty's column.  Obama's Feds secretly inserting what are essentially illegal alien invasion forces into the states and not telling state authorities.  And there's a link to the study or the report.  We had the sound bite from the governor yesterday.  Now, there's a dot here that is not being connected.  You remember me telling you, and I interviewed this guy for the Limbaugh Letter. Stanley Kurtz of National Review wrote a book on his demographic study of what he says is Obama's war on America's suburbs.  And there is a related initiative at Housing and Urban Development called AFFH, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.
Now, Kurtz's theory is -- and you know that leftists are very upset at what they think is the unfairness and the disparity between city dwellers and suburban.  They think suburban dwellers are basically effete, elite, upper middle class rich snobs who fled the filthy confines of the city to escape it, leaving behind the poor and the disadvantaged to wallow in the garbage.  And this isn't fair.
So Kurtz has a theory that Obama has a war on the suburbs to take people from the inner city and put them in the suburbs via affordable housing right in these suburban neighborhoods.  It is happening, and I will take a break and explain it in a moment.
RUSH:  Stanley Kurtz said in his interview with me in the Limbaugh Letter, as well as in his book, that this transformation of the suburbs would be a major tenet of Obama's second term.
Now, when did this border crisis start?  Second term.  What do we have?  We're being overrun.  There's no end in sight, by the way, and the news is that there's no end in sight.  The governments of Mexico and Guatemala are facilitating the trip north by these kids.  There's no end to this, folks.  Nobody's trying to stop it.  Obama's not trying to stop it.  The Republicans aren't trying to stop it.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Will anyone accuse Bernadette Lancelin of being racist?

Hannity was playing a clip today of Holder saying that he and Obama have been subjected to more "vehemence" than anyone else in their positions, and that it's race based.

Some reporter asked Holder if he stuck by his "We're a nation of cowards" because we don't want to address the race issue, and he said he did.  (I wish some reporter would ask him why no one addresses the fact that the African American community has record numbers of illegitimate births, which might, just might be what's holding them down in poverty more so than white discrimination against them. Why doesn't Holder or Obama address the black community about absent fathers?).

(Having said that, and as a segue, there are a few obscene TV shows on now - each one perpetuating the myth that an absent father is no problem. Playing House is one - I think that's the title, and then there's that repulsive Virgin, where a girl is artificially inseminated by accident.  Jesus the garbage that the media is feeding to the masses these days...)

Anyway, African American woman Bernadette Lancelin was on the news...yesterday I guess ... saying she's mad about the millions Obama wants to borrow to help the illegal children on the border - 90,000 illegal children - and she wants to know where's the help for her community?

Will anyone accuse her of being racist toward Latinos?  Yet if a white woman had said what she had said, you just know the media would be all over her, she'd probably be fired from her job, etc.

Yes she's only saying the truth. America should be fixing its own internal problems.

(Having said that, of course you've got to feel for these poor kids on the border who were hoping for a better life. But we can't help our own people, and our own citizen's lives will worsen if we let these folks in, because they'll clog up and bankrupt the welfare rolls.

The solution would be for the US to annex Mexico and Central America.... go in and wipe out the drug dealers and bring technology and good housing to these places... but of course if we did that we'd be called racist because we don't think the Mexicans and Central American countries can handle their own problems.... 

Well...they're certainly doing a good job on their own, aren't they? That's why we've got 90,000 kids on our border, wanting to come in.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obscene profit break: Beeswax candles

If you're interested i n beeswax candles, check out this website,, that offers a variety of products made from the bee, including beeswax candles and products made from honey.

These are rather cool candles. They have the ordinary beeswax pillar candles, which are just your normal, thick candles, perfect for having around the house and using for emergencies should your lights go out.

Then they have candles in whimsical shapes, like a teddy bear, a bee, and a beehive.  I really like those.

There's more to this webstore than just beeswax candles of course.  They also offer pure honey...and give you a little beeswax candle in the shape of a hive, too, which is sweet.

They also offer honey- or beeswax-based products for bath and body, like moisturizing conditioner, shampoo, body watch and so on.

If you're in to natural products, check out this store!

Obama vs Boehner

This is what Rush had to say about Obama's comments about Beohner encouraging people to sue the President for being a lousy president.   A good idea, by the way, but it would open up a can of worms, as every President in future could be sued, too!

I happened to see, because it happened yesterday during the program, I happened to see Obama's appearance at the Texas theater in Austin, his fundraising appearance where he was heckled, ostensibly. 
I've heard a lot of people comment about it.  It happened during the program yesterday, and I had not really seen it.  I had only heard things about it. I was getting little blurb reports about it.  So I watched it.  This was the appearance where he was laughing at John Boehner. He was laughing at the idea that he might be impeached. He was laughing at the idea that he might be sued, and he was asking the audience to laugh along with him.
Now, since I saw it, I have seen and read a lot of commentary from people who also saw it and who think that it was really odd to have the president laughing about something that could be something very serious; he's being sued.  He is being sued for acting outside the Constitution.  He's not doing his job, sits up there and says (imitating Obama), "Hey, they want to sue me?  Well, ha-ha-ha."   And while he said he's being sued and they want to impeach him somebody in the audience started applauding, so Obama stopped and said, "Oh, really?  Really?  You came in here and you want to join the impeachment?"  And he started laughing about it.
The commentary since then has been how unseemly people thought it was for the president not to take this seriously.  Here he is, the chief executive, he's the president of the United States and he is laughing about the things he's doing, the things he's being accused of doing and the possibility of being sued, slash, impeached over it. A lot of the commentary I saw was people thinking, "You know, this is really disrespectful. This is very serious stuff, and he's laughing about it?"

Time goes by fast

I can't believe it's been more than a month since I posted here.

I have been so busy doing my freelance writing work that it isn't even funny.

This weekend, I'm catching up on some stuff including posting in my blogs, while I watch the Colorado Rockies vs the Atlanta Braves, and of course they're already losing, in the 2nd inning.

Meantime, isn't the crisis on the border fun?

I can see the writing on the wall.. they're going to open up the borders and let all the Mexicans in...

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the vast majority of Mexicans...but those drug cartel folks are psychotic and should just be summarily shot - there is no redeeming them.

We should just annex Mexico.  Why not?  If the Mexican government can't take care of its own people, cede the authority to us.  Good old American know-how will take care of the job!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Facebook Likes are Key For Business

The social media site Facebook was founded at the very start of 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg - with fellow Harvard students Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. (I have to admit Zuckerberg is the only one of the four I've ever heard of.)

Originally, Facebook was to be used only by students of  Harvard. But of course it was extremely popular and was soon expanded so that it could be used by all the Ivy League colleges.Now, ten years on, it's available world-wide.

I've been doing some research on how businesses can buy Facebook shares online, because Facebook shares are so important when you're trying to get your business noticed by Facebook users. By Facebook shares I'm not talking about shares on the stockmarket, of course, but actual "shares" by users.

If you are a business and want to learn more about how you can buy Facebook shares online, check out

It's an interesting site and you can learn all about the ways you can use Facebook for business.

Media continues to drive American morals into the dirt

The latest example is the latest TV movie, Jane the Virgin, in which a young devout woman is accidentally artificially inseminated.

And the reaction from some old woman "What's growing inside you will make you very happy."  (I paraphrase, can't remember quite what she says.)

There's a TV series called Playing House or something, where a woman gets pregnant, dumps her boyfriend, and moves in with another woman - although they apparently aren't lesbians..

But what are these TV shows and crap showing young women today  - who already are exposed to probably a third of their class getting pregnant every year - oh, you don't need a man, there's no need for a male presence in the household, there's no need for a man at all.

We already know how important it is for young men to have a *positive* male presence, a man in the house who fulfills his responsbilities, etc, and these shows just make things worse.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jay Carney resigned!

I'm a bit late in reporting this...

From the NewsMax article:
After more than three years of jousting with the White House press corps, President Barack Obama's chief spokesman, Jay Carney, will step down next month to pursue yet-to-be-named opportunities, Obama announced on Friday.
Carney's deputy, Josh Earnest, will take his place, the president said.
Obama interrupted Carney on the podium, where he was answering questions during the White House daily news briefing, catching reporters by surprise.

Interesting that Obama should show up on the podium to say goodbye...and interesting that Carney doesn't intend to go to work for anyone else right away....he's going to spend the summer with his children...

Well, his position probably pays $300,000 a year so he can afford to take some time off - will he get unemployment benefits though?

And of course every company that wants an "in" with the president is probably calling him right now offering him a job.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The VA Scandal

he headline at Rush's website is, of course, "Obama's VA Scandal", and of course there's the old adage, anything that happens on a sitting president's watch is his fault.

We've got to judge Obama on not that this scandal has occurred - but what he's doing about it.

What did he do about the tax targeting of Tea party nonprofilts...not a lot.

What will he do about this VA scandal? Will heads roll?

We will see.

Do you have an iPad? Then you need an ipad portfolio case!

I got an iPad for Christmas.  It's nice, I like it, but I was reluctant to take it anywhere because I didn't have a case for it, and I was terrified of dropping it.

I did have a cover for it - but all a cover is good for is keeping dust off the screen and or keeping you from scratching the screen if you accidently stack books on top of it without thinking.

But if you actually drop your iPad, that cover isn't going to do it any good.

So, a couple of days ago I went looking for an ipad keyboard case - you have to have a keyboard if you want to really work on your iPad, and found a good selection at a place called, and specifically at this URL:

They've got actual cases there, syou can choose an ipad keybard case or an ipad portfolio case and these are sweet, leather items that look very classy.

Check them out if you've got an iPad you want to protect!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rush regarding Prince Charles

It is rather scary to think of what environmentalists are doing to the USA.

Don't get me wrong - I'd much rather see wild animals in wild spaces than a slum where people won't accomplish anything in their lives (or people in large rich houses who are also wastes of space because they hall all this money and opportunities and shoot it all up their noses, etc.)

But when you think of how much more expensive energy is going to be because of the EPA - while at the same time India and China continue to build coal plant after coal plant - I'm like, what the heck??

Our coal power plants are clean and we need them!

Prince Charles, you talk about wasted space on the planet.  Man, oh, man, this guy was in London last night during the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism.  The Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism, and he proceeded to rip capitalism to shreds, as he understands it.  And in the process, what Prince Charles did is confirm something I've been saying for 25 years, that modern environmentalism became the modern home of anti-capitalists and communists when the Soviet Union fell.  It was one of my updated 35 Truths of Life.  Prince Charles comes along and veritably admits this.  


The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider, long-term interests and concerns of humanity rather than the other way around.  So critically, it would require the incorporation of environmental externalities.  We would have to account properly for carbon dioxide emissions, the use of water and fertilizer, the pollution we produce, and the biodiversity we lose.  All of these would have to be comprehensively considered in our economic and national decision making because inclusive capitalism cannot be truly inclusive if our dependence on natural capital, the economic invisibility of nature is not also included in our calculation.
RUSH:  Well, I know it's a bunch of gobbledygook.  Do you want me to try to explain this to you, or is it stand alone entertaining by itself?  (interruption)  It is.  He obviously thinks that he knows more than anybody else, smarter than anybody in the room, and he's making absolutely no sense.
The bottom line is he really doesn't know what he's talking about.  He's trying to dress up just total, unabridged socialism and make it sound like it's erudite, intellectual, very exclusive, very elite. (imitating Prince Charles) "Be allowed to talk about such things in polite company, otherwise might not be bright enough, smart enough to even understand what we're talking about."  Which in truth means you are so smart, there's no way you could figure out what he's talking about because not even he knows.
"The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider, long-term interests and concerns of humanity, rather than the other way around."  What other way around?  That's the first thing that struck me.  "The primary purpose of capitalism should surely --" I'm sure you would agree with me when I -- no, do not say that.  "The primary purpose of capitalism should surely --"  What, surely?  "-- be to serve the wider long-term interests and concerns of humanity rather than the other way around."  What is the other way around?  Let's see if we can find it in this sentence.  The primary purpose of long-term interests and concerns of humanity should surely be capitalism?  No, he doesn't mean that.  That's what he's arguing against.  But that is the other way around.
"The primary purpose of capitalism should surely be to serve the wider long-term interests --" Oh, you mean rather than the shorter?  The shorter-term interests or concerns is the other way around?  All right.  "So critically it would require the incorporation of environmental externalities."  See, at that point you're supposed to be so dazzled by what he's talking about, you hopelessly can't understand it, but you are gonna think the guy knows what he's talking about.

and finally
The royal family -- which happens to be the biggest welfare case in the UK, by the way.  The royal family is the biggest welfare case in the UK.  Of course he's going to like socialism.  All monarchs do.  It's how they survive.  But now Prince Charles is out there attacking capitalism as the root of all evil in the world,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A brief commercial message

I'm a freelance writer, and I've put a couple - well, several - "gigs" up at is a place where people can securely purchase work, and where people can securely provide services.

For $5 per "Gig" you might think that you don't get quality work, and it must be said that there are a few folks there to whom English is not their first language...

But I am a native English speaker, trying out Fiverr just to see how it works, and I'm looking for clients.

So, if you'd like me to promote your website or service on 5 of my blogs, I'll write 5 200-word posts using your keywords, for $5.  Order the Gig from so you know it's legit, and I know you are legit.  ;)

is that url.

I will proofread your website across multiple platforms - important if you've got a regular website and a mobile website.

That URL is:

I proof for grammar, typos, as well as functionality and appearance.

To check out my other gigs - such as video services, and even teaching you how to play scrabble, check out my profile link there:

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rush wins author of the Year

And apparently a few people aren't very happy about it.

I'd actually given his book Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims to my nephew...welll, to be honest my Dad had made me do it...I knew my nephew would never read it - he's not a reader and certainly not of history books

Well, hopefully more and more kids will read Rush's books.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have you entered the smart phone revolution yet?

Everyone these days has a cellphone, but not everyone has a smart phone - those things like iPhones or Androids which are nothing less than miniature computers.

I actually have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Skype installed, which I can use, but I've been contemplating getting an actual iPhone.

To that end, I've been scoping out the messages in a forum called Clear Talk, which is dedicated to cell phone usage around the world It's pretty interesting, actually, to see the hoops people have to jump through in certain countries to use their cell phones, let alone their smart phones!

Check out their message boards if you're interested in this type of thing:

The forums are part of a website called Clear Talking as well. They've got everything there about actually buying cell phones to job opportunities in the field.

Legalization of Marijuana

I only had time to listen to just a few minutes of Rush today...I'm being rushed off my feet. (Heh heh, that's not meant to be a pun.)

But he was talking about Colorado legalizing marijuana and I have to say in a sense I agree with him. Medical marijuana - fine - but I sure don't want to see half the population of Denver, et al stoned out of their minds every day...

But it's a catch 22. So many people in the US are in jail for victimless crimes - they take drugs, which is illegal.

Would people stop taking drugs if it was legal? Or would the problem just escalate?

If making drugs legal would remove dealers and drug lords from the equation I'm all for it. Anyone whose a drug lord should just disappear off the face of the earth, in my opinion. They're pure evil - especially those psychos down in Mexico and along the US- Mexico border.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Letl's talk flowers

If you live in the Vancouver, BC area, I thought you might be interested to learn about Flowers on 1st, a florist in Vancouver that makes daily delivers of lovely flowers and gift baskets to all areas of the city.

This Vancouver florist has a lovely website at and it gladdens the heart just to look at the beautiful floral designs there - very elegant and stylish.

Here's their logoL

 Now, when they say gift baskets, what they mean is that you can get baskets stuffed with chocolate as well as flowers.

So if you know anyone in Vancouver, or live there yourself and would like to add a touch of elegance to your table, or as a gift, check out their site and see what they have to offer.

They have a blog, too...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Rush's leukemia telethon...

Took place on Friday, April 11.

There's still time to donate if you like.

Go to his website at:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time 7 April 2014: Vol 183, No 13

Shifting Sands: The US and Saudi Arabia's special relationship has become less sure-footed, but it remains indispensable

Enter the Rift: The inside story of how Facebook bought what many think is the next big thing in entertainment

The conquest of Cool: With its Subtlety, style and obsessional attention to detail, Mad Men ushered in the era of TV drama as literature.

Devastating mudslide in Washington state
Seeking closure on flight 370
the Pope takes on the Mafia
US sanctions against Russia get personal
The Redskins' name game
Building the snoop proof inbox
A new dwarf planet
Return of the mumps
Hatemonger Fred Phelps dies
Charlotte Alter on young women's need for speed
Rana Foroohar on the glbal trade retreat

The Culture
How the Hunger Games and Divergent have sparked heroine chic in Hollywood
A timely bopic of Latino laborhero Cesar Chavez
Can the Red's base-stealing rookie Billy Hamilton help speed up baseball
Game of Thrones Kit Harrington
Crowdfunding celebs
Obama's Dutch treat
Joel Stein pitches a new Final Four finale

10 questions
Farm animal activist Gene Baur

Time: 31 March 2014, vol 183, No 12

I got an offer to get Time Magazine, 2 years worth, at 25 cents an issue, so I jumped at it.

I think it's important to know what's going on on a daily basis - but I don't have time to post daily news articles anymore, so I'll go with weekly and concentrate on what Time thinks is worth reporting.

Maps and Legends: Technology is no match for geography in charting the future of global conflicts
The Disappearance of Flight 370: How the Malaysia Airlines jet slipped through the world's web of surveillance
A Place in the Sun: To fix Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti may have to reinvent everything but the weather
Small Engines: A high-end watch factory is helping drive a change in fortunes for Detroit manufacturing

Venezuela's national guard blasts back against protesters
Turmoil in Libya, Nigerians dying for work, web domains for cities
Russia's imperial hubris in Crimea
Reducting immigrant detention quotas
Regulating the ride-sharing business
Ibn-store beacons to track shopper's phones
New evidence for the Big Ba\ng
Farewell to comedian David Brenner

The Curious Capitalist: Rana Foroohar on GMs recall crisis

The markerter who helps Hollywood find religion
What to see at the Whitney Biennial
Divergent converges on a YA trend
Vintage Cash
the neotiv Nymphomaniax
Alyson Hannigan
Sprucing up Scrabble
the ice cream cleanse

Joel Stein on being miscast as himself

10 questions: pop musician Becki

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rush Revere...

I've got this book...and my days are freeing up now so I should be able to get my girdle in gear and get back to work on this blog...

So I'll be reviewing this book shortly.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anyone been watching the Olympics

I've sloughed off in my posting here, and once again I apologize.

What can I say, it's winter. I wonder if I have seasonal (something) disorder? I look out at the grey skies and the snow and dread going out into the cold, and what is more awful, the wind.

Then I cocoon in my house and don't do anytihng...

Well, Olympics are over, the United States lost the medal battle (I think we finished with a medal count that puts us in third place, because of the failure of any of our speed skaters to live up to expectations...)

The meltdown (ha, hah, is that a pun?) of our speed skaters could perhaps have been anticipated - they trained on hard ice and the ice at Sochi was it had nothing to do with their suits, after all!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

‘Endangered’ Mouse Could Delay Flood Recovery

It's like we're living in the Twilight Zone. I admit I'd prefer NEW construction to stop to protect the habitats of wild animals - but when you've got an already existing town that needs to repair itself and it can't because of a mouse - not a wolf or a lion or a tiger or a bear but a mouse - not as bad as a fish, buts still, it's ridiculous.

FEMA's going to pay for the litigation?  And where are they going to get the money for that? OUR TAX DOLLARS!


WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The Federal Emergency Management Agency is warning that many flood repair projects could be delayed because they are in an endangered mouse’s habitat.
The Preble’s meadow jumping mouse is listed as a threatened species, which means it and its habitat are protected by federal law. Its habitat lies along rivers and stream beds where flood repairs are underway.
The news upset Colorado State Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, who represents many of the flooded communities. He sent a letter to Colorado’s congressional delegation asking it to intervene saying the federal government has put a mouse ahead of Colorado families.
“We’re holding up the ability to redo safe drinking water, to rebuild sewage treatment facilities so we can keep sewage out of the rivers, trying to have a safe environment because of a mouse,” said Sonnenberg.
According to him, communities have to delay repairs after FEMA issued a warning that local governments could lose federal funding if they violate the Endangered Species Act.
The mouse is causing controversy with some Colorado scientists, saying it isn’t even endangered.
“This mouse has cost millions of dollars to Colorado taxpayers already. It threatens the livelihood of agriculture and now it’s threatening flood recovery efforts. This is absolutely incredible,” said United States Rep. Cory Gardner.
Gardner, whose district was hit hard by the floods, wrote a letter to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service asking for a waiver from the Endangered Species Act. Fish and Wildlife said that so far projects have only been delayed a couple days. However, Gardner said flooded communities can’t afford any delay as they race to make repairs before the spring runoff.
“The fact that so many people were impacted, thousands of people lost their homes or had their homes damaged, and here we are having federal relief dollars held up by a mouse that may not even be endangered. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Gardner.
Gardner said that if Fish and Wildlife doesn’t grant a waiver quickly he will draft legislation.
A Weld County commissioner said he asked FEMA two months ago about the mouse and was told it wouldn’t be a problem.
FEMA said that it is simply following federal law and that it has added staff to expedite the process and will pay for any mitigation necessary to accommodate the mouse habitat.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New blog: Collecting Amelia Earhart

I've started a new blog called Collecting Amelia Earhart.  is the URL.

If you're interested in women in aviation or Amelia Earhart, check it out.

Amnesty and Poverty

Below is just about half of Rush's comments on amnesty... it is scary.

As Rush points out - if we let poor, unskilled people into this country - they won't become rich, we will become even poorer.
RUSH:  Look, I don't care how you slice it, folks, it just doesn't make any sense.  Even the most accepted, and some might say logical explanation, it doesn't make sense, and here's what it is.  Why are the Republicans willing to commit suicide?  Because that's what it is.
Let's review.  Last fall, remember, leading up to the government shutdown, the Republican Party leadership is making sure they're out there, they're publicly saying, "Focus on Obamacare. Get rid of Obamacare. We gotta get rid of Obamacare."  They wanted us to think that's what they're focusing on, and do not lose sight of it.  Mike Lee and Ted Cruz pop up and take 'em seriously and it results in a government shutdown. The Republican Party leadership goes absolutely batty, "Oh, my God, you're killing us! We're gonna get blamed for shutting down the government and people love the government. People don't want the government shut down, oh, my God, oh, my God."

Now they've done a total flip-flop and to heck with Obamacare. They don't seem to care at all even though it's failing, even though it's ripe.  I mean, it's never been -- and it's been this way for a long time -- it's never been a greater opportunity for the Republican Party to connect with a majority of Americans across the spectrum.  The opposition to Obamacare knows no bounds.  People from all income levels, people from all walks of life, all religions, all creeds, all three sexes, it doesn't matter, there are opponents, and they are the vast majority.  And it is getting bigger.  And the Republicans who last fall said "Don't do anything to take the focus off that," have now taken the focus off that and have shifted to amnesty!
If you look at national polls, you find that amnesty is important to 3% of the population.  Obamacare polls at the top of issues the American people think are important, need to be addressed, fixed, done something with.  The minute that polling data comes out, we drop our pursuit of Obamacare, which was tepid anyway as a party, and now we've shifted at our retreat, which is a good name for what's happening here, retreat, to amnesty and advancing amnesty.  It doesn't make any sense.
Let me give you some numbers.  Phyllis Schlafly has a report coming out where she has looked at just reams of polling data and other demographic data on illegal immigrants.  Ann Coulter used some of it in a column that she wrote about this earlier this week. She made the point that Phyllis Schlafly's report was embargoed, but Coulter said (paraphrasing), "I don't care, it's too important. I'm gonna use it anyway." So she did.
Phyllis Schlafly put this together and here are just some of the highlights of this.  "According to a Harris poll, 81 percent of native-born citizens think the schools should teach students to be proud of being American. Only 50 percent of naturalized US citizens do."  Naturalized citizens equals immigrants, legal, illegal, whatever.  This is a huge problem.  That is major.  It cuts against the notion that there is assimilation.

You know, I wrote Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  I love this country.  I want everybody to love this country.  It is the greatest country human beings have ever devised.  It's the greatest way to organize life.  It's the greatest way to organize business.  It's the greatest way to organize society that has ever been done on the face of the earth, in the course of human history.  There is every reason in the world not to just be proud of it, but to love it.  And I want everybody to.  The problem is that young people in public schools are being taught not only not to love the country, but they're being lied to about how the country was founded, why it was founded, who founded it, and what its purpose is.  They're telling young people this country has not warranted its superpower status, that we've discriminated, that we've killed, that we've been racist and bigoted, slave state, still are, you know the drill.
The multicultural curriculum has taken over and this country's beaten up, and there's no counter to it, talking about push-back or opposition.  That's why I wrote the book.  There was a mission behind the book.  This wasn't just to sell a book or come up with a different way of doing a book after having done two prior.  There's a mission here.  We've lost education.  We've lost pop culture.  We've lost books, movies, television shows, music, this kind of thing.  It's a little attempt here to forge the truth, to insert the truth into young skulls full of mush.  So 81% of native born citizens think the schools should teach students to be proud of being American.
Why is that even controversial?  Do you understand, to the left, that is controversial, because of the word "force."  Not "force," but "should."  That equals force to them.  They should teach students to be proud of being American.  Damn right they should.  But, no, they teach them to feel guilty about it.  But the point is only 50% of naturalized US citizens do.  See, my take is, we ought not be granting citizenship to people that don't love the country.  We ought not be granting citizenship to people that don't understand the history of this country.  We ought not be granting citizenship to people that don't understand the preamble to the Declaration, to the Constitution. We shouldn't be granting citizenship to people who come here and want to undermine it.
But we do, in the interest of the fairness and multiculturalism and being nonjudgmental and all this.  But the real reason we do is because the people granting citizenship to people like this share that opinion:  This is no place special.  And that's what's so damn frustrating and inconceivable about the Republican Party wanting to open the country up to this kind of immigration.  It just doesn't make any sense!  It's the end of the Republican Party. It's the end of the country as we know it. It doesn't make any sense, in the traditional way of judging this.
Now, there are other ways that it does make sense, and they're not pretty.  I touched on some of those yesterday.  But let me keep on with the Phyllis Schlafly data.  "While 67 percent of native-born Americans believe our Constitution is a higher legal authority than international law, only 37 percent of naturalized citizens agree."  Meaning, 63% of people that we are granting citizenship to do not accept, probably don't even understand, and do not believe that our Constitution trumps international law. 
Now, you may be thinking, "Well, who are we to say --" I'll tell you what it means.  It means that international law should trump the Constitution, meaning whatever some nefarious body somewhere like the UN wants to say should govern our country.  That's what it means.  That's why it's important.  Again, saying that the Constitution should trump international law is not us bragging.  It's not us saying we're smarter and better at all.  It is us recognizing our uniqueness and attempting to preserve it, for which there should never be an apology.
But why are we subjecting ourselves to these challenges?  They're unnecessary.  We do not need to be granting citizenship to people who essentially don't agree with nor understand nor love the country they're coming to.  So I don’t understand the point.  For those of you who think, "Well, Rush, this is the only way we're gonna attack poverty. It's the on me way we're gonna attack income inequality. Everywhere in the world is as poor as it can be."
We are not gonna wipe out world poverty by letting everybody that's poor into this country.  We're just gonna become one of them if that happens.  It cannot be done, folks.  There is too much poverty all over the world.  The numbers of people that live on less than $2 a day is huge -- although, although, Herbert Meyer, who was an official with the Reagan administration (we've talked to him, interviewed him for the Limbaugh letter), one of the things that he says is this.
One of the most remarkable things that's happening, and I've seen it now in two or three other places, is that poverty is slowly being eradicated -- real, real abject poverty.  We're not doing it with immigration, is the point.  We're not doing it by letting people into this country.  I've told you about the guy at the golf tournament I was with, my friend in California who lost it and walked out on this major international media figure you would know.
His only reason for supporting illegal immigration and amnesty was, "If somebody wants to come to my country and improve their life, who am I to stand in their way?"  You're not doing that. We cannot improve people.  We have to change the way they live, where they live.  We have to change systems that govern them where they live.  The problem with poverty is an unequal distribution of capitalism in the world.