Wednesday, July 16, 2014

John Kerry had a point...

Rush mocked John Kerry yesterday..

Rush is always talking about American exceptionalism... and it used to be true (today you gotta wonder though...)

This is what Rush said and then Kerry's quote:

Lurch: American Exceptionalism Talk Makes Me Uptight
RUSH: Now, the John Kerry quote: "...I was privileged to speak to the graduating class of Yale this year, and it was particularly a pleasure because it happened to turn out to be, literally -- I hate to say it -- 48 years to the day that I was privileged to speak as a graduating senior to my own class. ... I get always a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional we are -- not because we're not exceptional, but because it's kind of in-your-face and a lot of other people are exceptional. A lot of other places do exceptional things."
Of course he does, because these people are laden with self-hatred and self-guilt over what they consider their good fortune to be.  

Rush is totally mischaracterizing what Kerry said.

I mean, come on, talk about Ugly Americans.

You go to some other country and say, "Look, America is exceptional, and you guys stink"  Then you try to give them advice on how to deal with their minority problem...or their drug problem... and they look at you and say, "Yeah, your African Americans are real happy" or "The US has more people imprisoned for drug offenses than the rest of the world combined."

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