Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obscene profit break: Beeswax candles

If you're interested i n beeswax candles, check out this website,, that offers a variety of products made from the bee, including beeswax candles and products made from honey.

These are rather cool candles. They have the ordinary beeswax pillar candles, which are just your normal, thick candles, perfect for having around the house and using for emergencies should your lights go out.

Then they have candles in whimsical shapes, like a teddy bear, a bee, and a beehive.  I really like those.

There's more to this webstore than just beeswax candles of course.  They also offer pure honey...and give you a little beeswax candle in the shape of a hive, too, which is sweet.

They also offer honey- or beeswax-based products for bath and body, like moisturizing conditioner, shampoo, body watch and so on.

If you're in to natural products, check out this store!

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