Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama vs Boehner

This is what Rush had to say about Obama's comments about Beohner encouraging people to sue the President for being a lousy president.   A good idea, by the way, but it would open up a can of worms, as every President in future could be sued, too!

I happened to see, because it happened yesterday during the program, I happened to see Obama's appearance at the Texas theater in Austin, his fundraising appearance where he was heckled, ostensibly. 
I've heard a lot of people comment about it.  It happened during the program yesterday, and I had not really seen it.  I had only heard things about it. I was getting little blurb reports about it.  So I watched it.  This was the appearance where he was laughing at John Boehner. He was laughing at the idea that he might be impeached. He was laughing at the idea that he might be sued, and he was asking the audience to laugh along with him.
Now, since I saw it, I have seen and read a lot of commentary from people who also saw it and who think that it was really odd to have the president laughing about something that could be something very serious; he's being sued.  He is being sued for acting outside the Constitution.  He's not doing his job, sits up there and says (imitating Obama), "Hey, they want to sue me?  Well, ha-ha-ha."   And while he said he's being sued and they want to impeach him somebody in the audience started applauding, so Obama stopped and said, "Oh, really?  Really?  You came in here and you want to join the impeachment?"  And he started laughing about it.
The commentary since then has been how unseemly people thought it was for the president not to take this seriously.  Here he is, the chief executive, he's the president of the United States and he is laughing about the things he's doing, the things he's being accused of doing and the possibility of being sued, slash, impeached over it. A lot of the commentary I saw was people thinking, "You know, this is really disrespectful. This is very serious stuff, and he's laughing about it?"

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