Monday, July 14, 2014

Will anyone accuse Bernadette Lancelin of being racist?

Hannity was playing a clip today of Holder saying that he and Obama have been subjected to more "vehemence" than anyone else in their positions, and that it's race based.

Some reporter asked Holder if he stuck by his "We're a nation of cowards" because we don't want to address the race issue, and he said he did.  (I wish some reporter would ask him why no one addresses the fact that the African American community has record numbers of illegitimate births, which might, just might be what's holding them down in poverty more so than white discrimination against them. Why doesn't Holder or Obama address the black community about absent fathers?).

(Having said that, and as a segue, there are a few obscene TV shows on now - each one perpetuating the myth that an absent father is no problem. Playing House is one - I think that's the title, and then there's that repulsive Virgin, where a girl is artificially inseminated by accident.  Jesus the garbage that the media is feeding to the masses these days...)

Anyway, African American woman Bernadette Lancelin was on the news...yesterday I guess ... saying she's mad about the millions Obama wants to borrow to help the illegal children on the border - 90,000 illegal children - and she wants to know where's the help for her community?

Will anyone accuse her of being racist toward Latinos?  Yet if a white woman had said what she had said, you just know the media would be all over her, she'd probably be fired from her job, etc.

Yes she's only saying the truth. America should be fixing its own internal problems.

(Having said that, of course you've got to feel for these poor kids on the border who were hoping for a better life. But we can't help our own people, and our own citizen's lives will worsen if we let these folks in, because they'll clog up and bankrupt the welfare rolls.

The solution would be for the US to annex Mexico and Central America.... go in and wipe out the drug dealers and bring technology and good housing to these places... but of course if we did that we'd be called racist because we don't think the Mexicans and Central American countries can handle their own problems.... 

Well...they're certainly doing a good job on their own, aren't they? That's why we've got 90,000 kids on our border, wanting to come in.

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