Friday, August 22, 2014

Is Obama really as unpolitic as he seems?

Obama talked briefly about the murder - the beheading - of that journalist by ISIS, looking all somber and serious, I'm sure... then he goes right out to the golf course and starts joking around with his fellow players.

And I"m thinking - he must have known the cameras would be trained on him - did he think the cameramen wouldn't share his laughter and cheerfulness with the rest of the country?

I dunno...I heard about that poor guy and I felt kind of sick... I wouldn't have been in the mood to go t a comedy movie or anything of that nature, and if I'd gone bowling (I'm not a golfer) I would have been a bit subdued with my friends, just because it's such a depressing topic.

But Obama?  Cheerfulness personified.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What constitutes a yes?

One thing about women college students... apparently when they go off to college all they want to do is get drunk...and if sex happens...well, it wasn't their fault, they were drunk, the guy shouldn't have taken advantage of them.

I remember - this was decades ago - visiting my sister who was in her first year in the Air Force, back when she had to live in a dorm with another woman - her roommate got drunk every Saturday and spent every Sunday throwing up in the toilet.

So now out of California we get this "Defining when yes means yes" law, to help universities prosecute rape.

And I'm just thinking - if women wouldn't get so stinking drunk that they wouldn't be unconscious while someone was violating them, or so drunk that they lose their inhibiitions (which is why most people get drunk) they wouldn't place themselves in a position where they'd need this stupid "Yes means yes" legislation.

(And no I'm not saying a woman who is drunk out of her mind deserves to be raped. I'm just saying that she really has no one to blame but herself if she can't fight the drunk college kid on top of her off or is unconscious while it's happening.

(I'm not talking about women who are victims of a date rape drug, mind you, taking a drink from a guy they trusted. I'm talking about women who get so drunk that they don't even know what day it is...and then wonder why no one respects them enough to ask permission...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Does no one understand clinical depression??????????

Robin Williams committed suicide today, at the age of 63.

He "had it all."  Money, fame.

But apparently he'd been battling depression for years.

So the bright bulbs on message forums are all saying, "He had it all...why would someone like that commit suicide?"

Dont' these people watch Tv? Practically every TV show will have a commercial for some kind of anti-depressant drug, and there are always warnings at the end of the commercial - "stop taking if you start thinking about suicide."

So let me try to explain this to anyone who thinks Williams "threw his life away".

Clinical depression is NOT depression.

You cannot "snap out" of clinical depression.

Clinical depression is an illness, caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

People who are clinically depressed need to be on medication.

Sadly, medication has side effects.

One of the side effects of anti-depressant medication is that it can actually make you feel suicidal!!!!

So whatever Robin William's issues were, cut the poor guy some slack.  He was clearly clinically depressed.

I don't mind people committing suicide - people have a right to do what they want to themselves and if they can't stand to live anymore, that's their business.

But - if you're clinically depressed, you are not really responsible for your actions.

Again, clinically depressed is NOT the same as being depressed. That's why they add that extra word, "clinically" in there!