Thursday, July 17, 2014

OT: Need a plumber in Washington state?

I was talking to a friend in Mason County, WA yesterday, and he was mentioning that he'd been searching for plumbers in Mason County and plumbers in Pierce County, just to check out their services.

Plumbers do much more than just clean out your toilets or pump out your septic tank, they'll find your sewer lines, repair your sewer lines, practically everything that needs to be plumbed, a plumber will do.

I wonder if its better to stick with a plumber who only works in one town, or if a company that is so big that it has practically a franchise would be the way to go. For example these folks my friend was looking at - and found, when he searched for plumbers in Mason County.  (Why he was looking for plumbers in Pierce Country, too, I do not know!)

In any event, if you live in Washington and are looking for plumbers in Mason County.

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