Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jay Carney resigned!

I'm a bit late in reporting this...

From the NewsMax article:
After more than three years of jousting with the White House press corps, President Barack Obama's chief spokesman, Jay Carney, will step down next month to pursue yet-to-be-named opportunities, Obama announced on Friday.
Carney's deputy, Josh Earnest, will take his place, the president said.
Obama interrupted Carney on the podium, where he was answering questions during the White House daily news briefing, catching reporters by surprise.

Interesting that Obama should show up on the podium to say goodbye...and interesting that Carney doesn't intend to go to work for anyone else right away....he's going to spend the summer with his children...

Well, his position probably pays $300,000 a year so he can afford to take some time off - will he get unemployment benefits though?

And of course every company that wants an "in" with the president is probably calling him right now offering him a job.

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