Thursday, June 12, 2014

Media continues to drive American morals into the dirt

The latest example is the latest TV movie, Jane the Virgin, in which a young devout woman is accidentally artificially inseminated.

And the reaction from some old woman "What's growing inside you will make you very happy."  (I paraphrase, can't remember quite what she says.)

There's a TV series called Playing House or something, where a woman gets pregnant, dumps her boyfriend, and moves in with another woman - although they apparently aren't lesbians..

But what are these TV shows and crap showing young women today  - who already are exposed to probably a third of their class getting pregnant every year - oh, you don't need a man, there's no need for a male presence in the household, there's no need for a man at all.

We already know how important it is for young men to have a *positive* male presence, a man in the house who fulfills his responsbilities, etc, and these shows just make things worse.

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