Thursday, May 29, 2014

Do you have an iPad? Then you need an ipad portfolio case!

I got an iPad for Christmas.  It's nice, I like it, but I was reluctant to take it anywhere because I didn't have a case for it, and I was terrified of dropping it.

I did have a cover for it - but all a cover is good for is keeping dust off the screen and or keeping you from scratching the screen if you accidently stack books on top of it without thinking.

But if you actually drop your iPad, that cover isn't going to do it any good.

So, a couple of days ago I went looking for an ipad keyboard case - you have to have a keyboard if you want to really work on your iPad, and found a good selection at a place called, and specifically at this URL:

They've got actual cases there, syou can choose an ipad keybard case or an ipad portfolio case and these are sweet, leather items that look very classy.

Check them out if you've got an iPad you want to protect!

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