Sunday, November 2, 2014

Get a Grip, You Stupid Cowboys!

I missed much of the Cowboys - Cardinals game, but they've been showing the highlights (or should I say lowlights?) as I wait for the Denver Broncos - New England Patriots game to come on.

Romo was not playing, backup QB Brandon Weeden was in. And the guy was having troubles.

Did his teammates - in particular his wide receivers- rally around him and calm him down and tell him when and where to throw the ball since he was having trouble with the routs?

Why, no they didn't.

Instead they'd come off the field and bark at the poor guy. Bryant twirled a finger around his head, presumably demanding that Brandon Weeden think, another guy threw his mouthpiece at the bench and swore.

I'm sure that was great for Weeden's morale.

Frankly, you've got to blame the offensive coordinator. Whenever a backup quarterback is put into the mix, you have to simplify things. The guy hasn't been with the first team taking reps, has he? In fact he probably hasn't taken any reps at all. Call short passing plays, let him get his feet under him before you start running the long routs with the big name receivers - yes Dez Bryant I'm talking to you - who demand the ball a certain number of times each game whether they are open or not.

Romo will apparently play next week... not sure what will happen to Weeden...hopefully - but not likely - he'll take his teammates to task during the press conference and thank them for holding him up and being there for him... umm...not.

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