Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"The dark guy in the middle"

Political correctness, and cowardly businesses, have really gotten out of control.

There's a black hockey player named Subban.  (Is it okay for me to point out he's black? The rest of the story depends on people knowing that he's black...)

He scored a winning goal, and a photographer took a picture of it, and apparently wrote the caption.

All the other players were white, surrounding Subban in the middle. The caption said that Subban was "the dark guy in the middle."

And the Canucks are beside themselves, apologizing that such a caption should never have been written, let alone published.

And I'm like, what on earth is the big deal?

If you've got all white guys in a photograph, and they're all unknown, you identify them by their numbers, sure. But if you've got all white guys, and one black guy, isn't it ridiculous to say, "Subban is the guy to the left of number 64," (if Subban's number wasn't visible, which it wasn't.)'

What on earth is wrong with saying "Subban is the black guy in the middle"?

Perhaps it's that he was called "dark" rather than "black" that caused the Canucks to start apologizing all over the place, but geez, that's hardly bad, either.

The fact that a major sports franchise like the Canucks feels it needs to apologize and grovel for something that is just common sense is very scary.

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