Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland votes to stay in the UK

How much time and money was wasted, I wonder, by people campaigning to have Scotland leave the UK.

What does Scotland have to be unhappy about, and couldn't it have been fixed by spending the "let's form our own country" campaign money on whatever was causing the problems?

Politicians are politicians the world over. Scots politicians (I think the Scottish want to be called "the Scots," not "the Scottish") want the power that would come with ruling in their own government, whether than sharing the role with English politicians, I guess...

But just think of the expense that would have arisen if some of those Scots folk had got their own way... elections for new members of Parliament, would they have dumped the monarchy or started up their own? would people need passports to travel from England to Scotland - of course there'd be opportunities for income such as selling Scottish passports and Scottish stamps...

That's one thing I missed on my last trip to Europe, many years ago now.

I used to love getting my passport stamped as you went through customs... I was on a bus tour through Europe and never once had my passport stamped as we went through Germany, Czech (but not Slovaki) and some other countries I don't remember, and which I can't check by looking at my old passport because it was never stamped by them!

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