Monday, November 24, 2014

I hope every torched business does not re-open

It was announced early this morning that the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri had reached a decision whether or not to indict the police officer accused of shooting unarmed big-as-a-truck teenager Michael Brown and killing him.

Instead of announcing it at around 10 am when they made their decision, they waited until about 7 pm tonight or so, giving certain individuals in Ferguson plenty of time to gather and plan their looting opportunities.

When it was announced that the police officer wouldn't be indicted, the taunting of the police officers began. The police were instructed to keep a low profile, leaving plenty of businesses defenseless and letting looters go in and take whatever they wanted, plus set fire to the buildings.

In a city with a large police presence, the fact that there was so much destruction of Ferguson is inexcusable. All the looters - regardless of race (for I have no doubt a few whites decided to get in on the act and make off with liquor and TVs too) should have been shot on sight.

Shoot a few of 'em, and the looting would have stopped.

As it is, several businesses have been destroyed, and it is my fervent hope and wish that the owners of these businesses take their insurance money and move somewhere else to re-open and start afresh.

I sincerely hope that the burned-out buildings be boarded up and allowed to sit there forever. When the citizens of Ferguson wonder why they have no place to go buy clothing or food, they can remember 24 November, the day they let mob rule take over the city.

The "protests" weren't only in Ferguson, of course. Apparently 1,000 people marched in Manhattan, too, chanting, no justice, no peace.

Of course, they are referring to their brand of justice, where one black man killed by a cop in a decade is an atrocity, and racism, but 40 black people shot and 3-4 killed every month in Chicago doesn't deserve a mention. One really wonders where the outrage is on that score.

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