Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anyone been watching the Olympics

I've sloughed off in my posting here, and once again I apologize.

What can I say, it's winter. I wonder if I have seasonal (something) disorder? I look out at the grey skies and the snow and dread going out into the cold, and what is more awful, the wind.

Then I cocoon in my house and don't do anytihng...

Well, Olympics are over, the United States lost the medal battle (I think we finished with a medal count that puts us in third place, because of the failure of any of our speed skaters to live up to expectations...)

The meltdown (ha, hah, is that a pun?) of our speed skaters could perhaps have been anticipated - they trained on hard ice and the ice at Sochi was it had nothing to do with their suits, after all!

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