Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Time: 31 March 2014, vol 183, No 12

I got an offer to get Time Magazine, 2 years worth, at 25 cents an issue, so I jumped at it.

I think it's important to know what's going on on a daily basis - but I don't have time to post daily news articles anymore, so I'll go with weekly and concentrate on what Time thinks is worth reporting.

Maps and Legends: Technology is no match for geography in charting the future of global conflicts
The Disappearance of Flight 370: How the Malaysia Airlines jet slipped through the world's web of surveillance
A Place in the Sun: To fix Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti may have to reinvent everything but the weather
Small Engines: A high-end watch factory is helping drive a change in fortunes for Detroit manufacturing

Venezuela's national guard blasts back against protesters
Turmoil in Libya, Nigerians dying for work, web domains for cities
Russia's imperial hubris in Crimea
Reducting immigrant detention quotas
Regulating the ride-sharing business
Ibn-store beacons to track shopper's phones
New evidence for the Big Ba\ng
Farewell to comedian David Brenner

The Curious Capitalist: Rana Foroohar on GMs recall crisis

The markerter who helps Hollywood find religion
What to see at the Whitney Biennial
Divergent converges on a YA trend
Vintage Cash
the neotiv Nymphomaniax
Alyson Hannigan
Sprucing up Scrabble
the ice cream cleanse

Joel Stein on being miscast as himself

10 questions: pop musician Becki

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