Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Open letter to Rams football team

Dear Rams football team,

When you play your next game, please run out onto the field holding placards in your hands. On the placard should be the illustration of a bloody hammer, and over this illustration, perhaps the circle with a slash mark through it, signifitying that you don't approve of gangs of teenagers going around beating innocent people to death with hammers.

Here's the article you should read, Rams football team:

If you read that article, you will know that the victim was white, and since the ethnicity of the gang of teens who beat him to death with a hammer is not given, you will undoubtedly be able to figure out that the teens were black.

Or if you want to make sure, you could do a Google search on "teens beat Bosnian man to death with a hammer" and Breitbart will point out to you that the teens were black...

I wonder, Rams football team...do you read the newspapers?  Do you ever wonder why, on those rare occasions when a white person kills someone who is black, ethnicity is always given and it's always thought of as a hate crime... but whenever a white person is killed by someone who is not white, ethnicity is never given, and of course it can't possibly be a hate crime.

Commenters - can you prove me wrong? Please share newspaper article links from mainstream newspapers that give ethnicity of perpetrators of minority-on-white crime.

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