Friday, October 14, 2016

The Manipulation of the Google

There are trends in everything.

The current trend, in websites, is to make everything on one page. For that reason, people with PCs with 25-inch screens have to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to find what they want - unless they elect to leave all together which is what I usually do.

The website developers do this because Millennials and youngers aren't using computers any more - in their personal lives, mark you. They look up everything on their smart phones.

So everything developers are doing - everything Google is doing - is now geared toward people using smartphones rather than computers.

So everything has to be on one page, and as the smart phone user scrolls up they get to see these pages perfectly sized.

Google has changed its algorithm for people doing search for local businesses. Used to be there'd be a 7-line Google snack pack - the top-10 seven businesses in an area would show up with websites and phone numbers before the rest of the search results would.

I actually thought that was paid advertisement, but it's actually Google ranking the sites and doing that themselves.

Well, they used to do 7 but now they only do 3, because that's all that fits nicely on someone's smart phone.

I really regret this trend of people moving away from computers - and computers themselves being dumbed down so much.

The next generation of people on this planet will have no idea of how powerful computers used to be and what could be done with them. Or how big the screens were!

I envision, maybe 20 years from now, some visionary peering at a tiny smart phone screen will have a light bulb pop up... "Hey, instead of ruining my eyes looking at this screen, I think I'l invent a big screen for my house...and maybe a tower or perhaps an all-in-one with a DVD player, and then I'll start inventing really cool stuff Ican do with it...and I'll call it a computer.."

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