Sunday, October 9, 2016

Examples of white privilege

I didn't really believe in "white privilege" until today.

Ben and Jerry's icecream is honoring the Black Lives Matter movement with Empower Mint icecream. (And no I don't agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. If you want to convince police you don't deserve to be shot on sight, don't chant "Kill all police" and "police are pigs" and act like the violent thugs they think you are!)

There's lots of comments on this thread, and one of them stated the blacks were raping white women all the time, and the media pays no attention to it.

Someone responded about all the white males who are arrested for rape and never serve a day in prison. Whereas if it was a black male - you know they would!

Here's the examples (and a few judges who need to be removed from office): (This is the Ethan Couch case - drunk driving rather than rape, but the principle is the same.)

The above are just a few examples. Are all these examples of "white privilege" or examples of judges not taking rape seriously?

To not sentence someone to jail because it will "ruin his life" or because he will not "fare well in prison."  Meantime the female victim's life is ruined.

Something very wrong here...

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