Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump's "Sexual Misconduct" - Interesting Timing

All these women accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct...where were they when he was running for the Republican nomination?

Where were they when he received the Republican nomination?

Instead, they wait until now? Two months before the election?

Of course the leaked tape doesn't do Trump any good - but there are unfortunately a lot of guys - young guys - who talk just like Trump does.

Ya gotta wonder if this was all a plot from the get go - by Trump! If these women's accusations are true...he must have known they'd come out, surely..?

Unless he wants to lose to Hilary?

Meantime, all the headlines of the "mainstream media" are certainly blatantly anti-trump. There was one which shows him standing behind her, attempting to "dominate" her. - the photographer maneuvered into that position because that's the shot he wanted to take!

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