Monday, December 3, 2012

3 Dec 2012, Mon, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--The Golden EIB Ticket Returns!
--What Made Jovan Belcher Murder the Mother of His Child? Was It Football or the Gun? Or Maybe Something Else...
--Flashback 1992: America Has Lost Its Soul
--BBC's "The Hour" Pegs What's Changed About America
--The American Expectation
--Jason Whitlock's Publicity Stunt
--Pondering My Next TV Address
--Obama Aide to F. Chuck Todd: With These Republicans, "There'd Still be Slavery"

Stack of stuff,br> College Demands Construction Crew Remove "Sexist" Sign
--Questions Surround $55M Program to Cut Violence in Chicago
--McCaskill Wonders When Obama's Gonna Start Working on Jobs
--Obama Rallying Low-Information Voters to Raise Taxes on Themselves
See, I Told You So: Fewer Smokers Means Higher Taxpayer Costs, Study Finds

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