Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Detroit is a third world country

How is it possible that only 7% of Detroit 8th graders can read????

That is just obscene.

Yeah, Detroit schools may be poor and students might not be able to go on field trips, but they've still got textbooks and teachers w ho can teach them how to read....

How many 8th graders in Detroit are there???? Do we think the percentages for 7th through 1st grade will be better or worse.

There's a whole city worth of teenagers who will never be employed - if they can't read they can't fill out a job application for McDonald's, for God's sake - and God knows how they're going to get on welfare ...perhaps a welfare worker will fill out their application for them...

Pathetic Detroit School Reading Statistics
RUSH: Only 7% of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient in reading. Only 7% of eighth graders can read, and only 4% of Detroit eighth graders are proficient in math. And many of the teachers belong to what? Unions. Right. Obama's America. You can see it. It's Detroit.

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