Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where's the sister?

The sister "occasionally" lets him crash on her couch?

And I dunno, but I would think if you get 4 roommates together, a guy working full time even at a fast-food place would be able to afford a place to stay! Buy a camper or something!

 The Homeless Youth of Obamaville
RUSH: New York Times headline:  "After Recession, More Young Adults Are Living on Street."This is the new face of the homeless problem, my friends.  "Duane Taylor was studying the humanities in community college and living in his own place when he lost his job in a round of layoffs. Then he found, and lost, a second job. And a third.  Now, with what he calls 'lowered standards' and a tenuous new position at a Jack in the Box restaurant, Mr. Taylor, 24, does not make enough to rent an apartment or share one. He sleeps on a mat in a homeless shelter, except when his sister lets him crash on her couch. 'At any time I could lose my job, my security,' said Mr. Taylor, explaining how he was always the last hired and the first fired. 'I’d like to be able to support myself. That’s my only goal.'"  But boy, it's just so hard, it's so hard.

And the New York Times here says: "Across the country, tens of thousands of underemployed and jobless young people, many with college credits or work histories, are struggling to house themselves in the wake of the recession, which has left workers between the ages of 18 and 24 with the highest unemployment rate of all adults. ... These young adults are the new face of a national homeless population, one that poverty experts and case workers say is growing. Yet the problem is mostly invisible. Most cities and states, focusing on homeless families, have not made special efforts to identify young adults, who tend to shy away from ordinary shelters out of fear of being victimized by an older, chronically homeless population. The unemployment rate and the number of young adults who cannot afford college --" You realize we had a president reelected in all this.

As I read this story, how many of these people voted for him?  That's what I can't get past.  How many these people probably voted for him, believing that their circumstance is all because of George W. Bush?

"Mr. Taylor, the fast-food worker in Seattle, said he felt lucky when he could find a coveted space at Roots, a shelter for young adults in a church basement. Such shelters are rare.  For generations, services for the homeless were directed to two groups: dependent children and older people. There was scant attention focused on what experts now call 'transitional age youth' -- young adults whose needs are distinct."

And then there's another guy here named Tano, T-a-n-o.  "Two months ago, Mr. Tano gave up an apartment in his native Dallas after losing his job. He sold his Toyota and sought opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. He rented a room and set out with his resume."  You know what his resume expertise is?  Fundraising.  So he set out with that resume, "But when his $2,000 in savings withered to nothing, 'I ended up sleeping on the street for the first time in my life,' he said. 'I just kind of had to walk around and try to stay warm.'"

His career strength was fundraising, asking people for money.  He had $2,000 in savings, and now it's all gone, and now he's among the 18- to 24-year-old, brand-new problem, after the recession, more young adults living on the street.  Do you believe it?  A humanities major loses all these jobs, now homeless, working at Jack in the Box?  No doubt voted for Obama.  Well, I shouldn't say no doubt.  Likely voted for Obama.  Likely blames Republicans for his problems.  Probably thought Romney was gonna come steal whatever he had left.  So he voted, probably, for the guy who's the architect of the problem.

Meanwhile, unemployment's down.  This administration is telling us job creation's happening.  The unemployment rate is plummeting.  There's just one shred of good news here, and that is that these homeless kids can still be on their parents' health insurance.  But at the end of the day I still don't know how this is possible because I thought the recession had been over for three and a half years.  The recession ended in 2009.  The official calculation of the recession ended in 2009, and we've been growing. Slowly, but our economy's been expanding since then.  That's what they tell us.

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