Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What Tebow coverage?

Now, admittedly, I don't read ESPN - even though their coverage of women's sports is better than CBS Sportslines - which is non-existent.

But CBS Sports hasn't ever mentioned Tebow in all his time with the Jets - after the first news of him going their was reported. Oh, and they shared that anonymous comment from an anonymous player about not liking Tebow... but that's it!

The Jets kept him on the bench, played him a couple of downs each game...what's to cover?

ESPN Orders Tebow Coverage Cutback
RUSH: The president of ESPN, John Skipper, has told producers that they need to spend less time talking about Tim Tebow.  "I said, 'Guys, we didn't handle this very well.' Going to training camp wasn't a problem. We just stayed on it relentlessly and too long."  So ESPN's president has told the anchors and the reporters, "No more coverage of Tebow.  It's overblown.  He doesn't deserve it.  He hasn't done anything."  Why is there so much coverage of Tebow, do you think?  It's because he's Christian, and they can't believe it, and their waiting for Tebow to screw up big time.  They can't wait for Tebow to have a giant moral decline.  They want something big.  That's why there's a body watch on Tebow.  I have no doubt about it. 

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