Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Dec 2012, Mon, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--The Comical Floundering of the GOP
--Aguilera: Moment with Hillary was Mutual
--There's No Deal to be Had with Obama That Will Help the Country
--Democrats Anoint Mrs. Clinton the 2016 Nominee; Newt Concedes on Behalf of GOP
--Dems Peddle Instant Gratification, Not the Long-Term Pursuit of Happiness
--The EIB Network Welcomes 1-800-Flowers
--This is Why I'm on the Radio and These Smart Guys are in the Senate
--The NFL's Real Problem is the Wheel
--Michigan Unions Will Lay Siege to Lansing
Stack of Stuff
--ChiComs Buy Bankrupt Obama Battery Maker
--Crony Capitalists: Schmidt Hides Money in Bahamas; Immelt Calls for Tax Hikes
-- Jamie Foxx Brags About Killing White People on Screen
--Fed Judge: "Choose Life" License Plates Unconstitutional
--Intel Forecast: US Will No Longer be World's Only Superpower by 2030
--Something Weird About the Australian Radio DJ Story

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