Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Dec 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Don't Blame Costas, Blame the Microphone
--Did Ailes Push Petraeus for Prez? <>br> --Murder Stories Not Involving Guns
--Boehner Will Do Deal Obama Wants, But Obama Wants to Go Over the Cliff and Destroy the Republican Party
--Avalanche of Obamacare Taxes Begins
--Two If By Tea Donates Over $1 Million
--Watered-Down Conservatism is Unattractive
--Sarah Palin's Take on Capitalism's Bad Rep
--Did Obama Voters Know What They Voted For?
Stack of Stuff
--Kate Middleton Burdened with Baby
--A Little Egypt Schadenfreude: Pharaoh Flees Palace
--Most New Yorkers Think Climate Change Caused Hurricane, Poll Finds
--College Course Asks Students to Set Aside "American-ness," "Whiteness"
--CNN Blames Culture of "Manliness" for Belcher Murder/Suicide
--Carney Insults Boehner Proposal

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