Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rush paints with too broad a brush

Rush was talking about "Obama voters" today - they - meaning all of them - expect to get everything for free.

No, Rush.

There might be a small segment of them (percentage-wise, small. In amounts of people, huge, admittedly) who expect to get everything free from now on, but a lot of them simply see Republicans (Conservatives) as trying to restrict women's rights, and, frankly, just being mean.

I have a friend who is an Obama voter - she works hard, has a degree, raised sons who worked hard, etc. etc.

Everytime I see people paint with a broad brush - in particular Republicans on the Hannity message boards, I think to myself - that's why we lost this election.

A few years ago I became a fan of the Tennessee Lady Vols because Pat Summit was the winningest coach in college basketball, ran a program that emphasized education,etc. Then I started participating on The Summit, the Lady Vols message board, and the fans there were so hateful - condescending of other teams, especially of the Uconn Huskies - their main rival - that it really turned me off. I found myself starting to hope the Lady Vols would lose just to shut up those jerks on that message board.

Well, there's probably a psychological term for that and I bet it exists in a wider context, too.

So Rush calls Sandra Fluke a slut (well, technically, he said that a woman who expected to be paid for sex was a slut, but essentially he called her a slut) and I betcha he lost several thousand votes for the Republican candidate for President right there.

Because women know that birth control is used for other things besides birth control. (Although, I admit *I* didn't know it, but I don't use birth control other than condoms. I don't want drugs messing with *my* hormones, thank you very much!)

Then Rush keeps calling Michelle Obama "Moochelle" Obama. Childishness, which he thinks of as a joke on "mooching" but I wonder how many women thought of that "Moo" as a cow, i.e. Rush is actually calling her fat, and then of course the fact that he - or his website folk - make a point of choosing the most unflattering photos of Michelle and Hillary to run against any article about them. That turns people Independents - off right there, and they think to themselves - I'm going to vote for Obama just to spite him.

Sure, they're cutting off their nose to spite their face, but that's the way people are.

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