Monday, December 3, 2012

How *can* the violence problem in Chicago be solved?

Rush read an article today about $55 mil being spent to try to end the violence problem in first he *didn't* read it, just told us what he thought it would say.

But it's true, Chicago is a very frightening place. Depending where you live, of course.

I don't think handing out flyers saying, "Please kill anyone you want except the kids" is going to work...since most of the killers *are* kids.

I think one thing to do is get the father back in the home. Most African American children grow up without fathers, and when you're a teenager in high school and it's a choice between joining the solidarity of a gang or going home to your parents...well...most kids only have one parent so they go into the gang.

That's what Michelle Obama should be focusing on, IMHO. Forget about whether or not kids eat too much - I bet if they belonged to a stable family unit, they'd be able to eat more healthy then, too!

Start promoting marriage and not having sex unless its with someone whom you'd get married to if you had to. Start telling girls that having a boyfriend doesn't make them a success, having a baby by a guy that will have sex with them but won't marry them isn't the definition of being an attractive woman, and guys need to learn that if they get a girl pregnant, they'll have to work the rest of their lives to pay for the kid so wear a damn condom!

Instead of taxing the rich, how about not giving any more welfare to girls under the age of 20 who have babies. If they can't get on welfare, maybe they'll think twice before they don't bother to use a condom. And's not just one spectrum of the community that's the problem. Blacks may have more out-of-wedlock kids than anyone else, but whites have the *fastest rising* illegitimate birthrate. Not a problem if you've got an education, a good job, and can afford to raise the child with quality health care, but if you're's only going to make you poorer, or wear you out unnecessarily by having to work two or even three low-paying jobs in order to pay bills.

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