Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye, Lovie

I can NOT believe this.

The Bears have let Lovie Smith go, but the Jets are keeping Rex Ryan?????????????

I always liked Lovie Smith,  I always disliked the loudmouth Rex Ryan.

Lovie always handled himself with class and dignity, Ryan.....well, Ryan, class and dignity don't belong in the same sentence!

The Bears just missed the playoffs - they made the bad-karma mistake of rooting for the Packers! - while the Jets came nowhere close all year.

And yet Lovie is let go and Rex stays? Inconceivable!

Then there's Andy Reid...fired after a dismal season with the Eagles... but he's on the fast track apparently to get Norv Turner's job at San Diego, and Turner will return to being an offensive coordinator - probably for the Jets since the Jets will have Mark Sanchez next year as well.

I wonder how much of this news is just total gossip. Now that the internet demands instant "news" all the time, the sporting world is deluged with gossip and "predictions" and crap that look like it's news because it's on CBS Sportline, or because it's from a link at making people think it's a real news site (Bleacher Report I think is the one I'm thinking of) when actually it's just a bunch of guys sitting in front of their TVs gossiping and making things up the way they want them to be.

And one of those reports said that Reid was already preparing assistant coaches for when he'd take over the Chargers.

It is interesting how the coaching carousel in any major league sport works - but particularly in football. There's very rarely any new blood, some guy gets fired after a 3-13 season with one team - and he's hired by another team who also just got done with a 3-13 season! Where's the logic in that???????

Then there's Tim Tebow. What a wasted year he had this season - plays about 4 plays per game. What a joke. Ryan could have ended the controversy any time in the last 3 games by starting Tebow and letting the world see whether he could have handled the offense or not. If he couldn't handle it, that would have silenced all the critics who complained he wasn't given a chance. But instead he was snubbed and dissed and it's just too damn bad.

I don't understand why he couldn't have been utilized like RGIII. Throw short passes, or run himself. The Redskins got into the playoffs doing that. The Broncos got into the playoffs last year doing that....

Ah, well, we'll see what happens with that next year....

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