Friday, December 7, 2012

Why don't Democrats understand the irony of this?

Photo ID Required to Join Adopt-a-Letter to Santa Program
RUSH: Okay, it's Christmastime, and that means, ladies and gentlemen, that there are a lot of letters that are written to Santa Claus.  No, no.  Not the letters written to Obama.  However, the story does come and is about  It says here the postal service gets over 500,000 pieces of mail every year for Santa Claus, and you can help by adopting a letter.  Learn how at this website.  It's a United States postal service subsidiary here,  It's an Obama's place.  Does 500,000 letters sent to Santa sound like a lot to you or not very many?  It does not soundly a lot at me.

I used to write letters to Santa.  My mom would mail 'em.  I'd make her.  I mean, I'd make her take me while she put it in the mailbox down on the corner.  I mean, 500,000 in a country of 300 plus million seems rather low.  That's not my point here.  This website is about the letters to Santa program and how to adopt a letter.  Individual customers and representatives of organizations wanting to adopt a letter must come, you must go to a participating operation Santa post office in person. Both individual customers and organizational representatives have to fill out a form and -- wait for it -- you have to show ID.  You have to show photo ID to be able to adopt a letter to Santa Claus, mandated by the Obama regime.

"For organizations wanting to adopt a letter, please send a representative with correspondence on letterhead from your company or organization authorizing the representative to view the letters on behalf of your company and organization.  Your representative must present his or her employee ID and a valid state driver's license or state issued ID card."

Ladies and gentlemen, we do not require a photo ID in selecting or voting for the leader of the free world, but you cannot adopt a "Dear Santa" letter at the post office without showing an ID.  It's just mind-boggling. 

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