Monday, December 3, 2012

SoS Schedule Stuff

I'm going to break apart the schedules into the SoS Clinton Schedule, and then her staff schedule, just to make it slightly less overwhelming.

I think it's really interesting to read through what the State Department folks do...most of them are on travel at any given time...and some of the stuff they do seems pretty unnecessary - at least in this day and age when we're bankrupt.

Then there's all the interesting organizations you read about.

For example, we belong to the Kimberly Process. What's the Kimberly Process, you ask? Well, it's the effort by countries to stop the conflict in Africa by refusing to buy "conflict diamonds." There are tribes on either side of the conflict, who enslave the tribes in the middle and make them mine diamonds - or other gems - which they then sell to finance their war.

But instead of calling this effort the "Conflict Diamonds Process" so everyone knows what they're talking about, they call it the "Kimberly Process."

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