Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye Tax Holiday

I was browsing around the Hannity message boards today, and someone posted about "The tax increases begin" - meaning the ones we'll be getting under Obamacare.  And we - the middle class - will be getting tax hikes, there's no doubt about that.

But this one was bogus.

Remember the 2% tax holiday from social security that we got last year. (Everyone in the country didn't have to pay 2% of their earnings into social security - you know, the program that's almost bankrupt).

I remember Rush laughing about it. As if 2% of one's earnings was going to help anyone pay off bills or not.

But now certain folk are whining about it, conveniently forgetting it was always a "holiday", not meant to be permanent.

Oh, we're in for a lot of tax increases in 2013, how could we not be? Everyone except for the Unions that have their waivers, and the poor who will be getting supplemental stuff to make up for the fact that they're losing  $10 or so out of every paycheck - they'll get it back in the form of free phones or free this or that, of course.

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