Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5 Dec 2012, Wed, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--Last Day to Get Golden EIB Ticket
--The GOP Seminar in Surrender
--Is It Time to Panic, El Rushbo?
--The Beginnings of a California Backlash?
--Detroit Wants Its Obama Bacon
--Media Disconnect on the Jovan Belcher and NYC Subway Killings
--It's Simple: Republicans Should Oppose Disastrous Policies, Not Participate in Them
--Rubio and Ryan Address GOP's Future
--The Angry Left: Ed Asner Narrates California Teachers Union Video Depicting Rich Urinating on Poor
Stack of Stuff
--School in Lockdown Over Mercury Thermometer
--Woman Files False Rape Claim Because She Didn't Enjoy the Sex
--Church Cancels Charlie Brown Christmas Show Because It was Too Religious

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