Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why should Mexicans get American food stamps?

Rush has mentioned this before of course and I've seen it in the news. Our government is taking out ads - paid for with our tax dollars - trying to get people to enroll in food stamps. "You may qualify!"

No more shame in being on welfare. They want everyone to be on welfare.

(And no, I'm not saying people on welfare - who need to be on welfare - should be ashamed of themselves. But a lot of folks could be out there working and standing on their own two feet. But if our government is going to give them hands out, and if people have been conditioned to accept them...welll, can you blame them?)

RUSH: This is out of Ohio. And, of course, there was no way this news was going to hit before the election. Ohio families receiving food stamps -- and there's a ton of them, because we learned yesterday that the food stamp rolls grew at a record pace from July to August. We've already got 47 million Americans on food stamps and growing. We have the regime advertising in Mexico on Mexican radio soap operas for food stamps in America, how to access them, how to get them.

We have the Republican Party joining with the Democrats on importing a whole bunch of new low-income people which will end up Democrat voters. So the Republican Party is wittingly or unwittingly participating in the importation of more Democrats who will be granted a pathway to citizenship and who will be shown how to vote and access food stamps.

But here, in Ohio: "Ohio families receiving food stamps could get an unwelcome surprise come January: $50 less every month in assistance. For the 869,000 households enrolled in the program for the poorest Ohioans, that could amount to about $520 million annually out of the grocery budgets," the aggregate combined grocery spending. Food stamp benefits will be cut by $50 every month starting in January.

Do you believe that the people on food stamps expect that?

I don't.

You see, "Because of the way the federal government calculates utility expenses for people receiving the benefit, a mild winter nationwide last year, and a lower price for natural gas, many families could experience a significant cut in aid, those familiar with the program say. Recipients should get a letter from the state Department of Job and Family Services this month explaining the change, said Ben Johnson, a spokesman for the agency.

"Meanwhile, food banks and others that distribute food assistance are bracing for increased demand." You'd better keep Mayor Michael Bloomberg out of there because in New York they cannot give food to the homeless because it hasn't been tested for fat and salt content. I kid you not. By the way... (interruption) That is not a joke!

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