Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is it possible to teach personal responsibility?

There have been many stories about this in the past... for example some guy ignored No Trespassing signs, trespassed onto a railroad station that had a high-powered electricity set up. He touched this thing, got electrocuted, and lost his hands and legs. And of course he and his family sued the railroad for not doing more to keep would-be trespassers off their property. And he won!

Now we've got something similar. Some stupid teenager ran away from home, snuck onto an airport, and hid in the wheelwell of a plane - apparently trying to hitch a ride to some other city.

He fell out of the wheelwell and to his death.

Now his family are suing the airport because they didn't do enough to keep trespassers off the airport.

Well, only an idiot would try to hide in a wheel well, instead of just hitchkiking somewhere else, so it was his own fault.

But, oh no, the airport's got money, so make the airport pay for their son's stupidity.

Family of teen who fell from wheel well of jet sues US Airways, others

Seems to me a business only needs No Trespassing signs. If those signs are disobeyed, the person disobeying them deserves what he or she gets.


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