Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So none of it mattered

Since day one of Obama's presidency - since before it - Rush, Glenn and Sean among others have been listing the things Obama - and the Dems - have done that should have had them turfed out of office immediately.

None of it mattered.

Obama's tutelage under god-damn Americ Rev Wright? No one cared.
Obama's apology tour of the world once he got in office? No one cared.
Obama giving crap gifts to world leaders? No one cared.
Obama sending his wife to a vacation spot on our dime and then leaving for the same spot 2 hours later? No one cared.
The "stuttering" while giving speeches? No one cared.
The promise to bankrupt coal? No one cared.
The ineptness of investing in solar energy companies that go down the toilet?  No one cared.

Or did they just care about other things more?

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