Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Nov 2012, Tues, Rush Limbaugh headlines

--On Election Day, You Can Find Evidence for Whatever You Want to Believe -- But Whatever You Do, Just Go Vote
--A Few Questions and Some Observations
--Obama '08 vs. Obama '12
--Hidden in CNN Poll: 5% of Democrats Plan to Vote for Romney
--Rudy's Kicking Butt on Benghazi, Sandy
--Hurricane Sandy and Romney's Momentum: The Conventional Wisdom Doesn't Compute
--Cutter Warns: Don't Believe Exit Polls
--Embarrassing Media: Entire Charlie Rose Panel of One Mind; Gloria Borger Says She Doesn't Know Who Obama and Romney Are
--Former Democrat: I was Brainwashed
--What Would Happen if We Split the Country?
--Clinton: You Don't Want a President Who Lies
--Report from an Iowa Poll Watcher
Stack of Stuff
--Romney Camp: Our Internals Didn't Leak
--Howard Dean: Only Fraud Can Defeat Obama
--New Black Panthers Out in Force Again in Philly
--Scott Rasmussen: I Have No Idea
--Dan Rather Predicts Good Night for Romney...

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