Monday, November 12, 2012

Why do "we" think every Hispanic/Latino is an illegal?

Apparently, Latinos and Hispanics think that "we" think that *they* are all illegals.

In the first place I don't think that's true, but really...what if we do?

Whose fault is that?

There are soooo many illegals in this country - coming into this country illegally - why does everyone ignore the fact that these people break our laws to come here - and they've been pouring in for decades.  A pretty large proportion of Hispanics and Latinos are illegals.

But then, we've also got a lot of illegal Chinese and Japanese in Seattle and other coastal parts of the country - imported in here for the sex trade... no one ever mentions them but in a way that's a helluva lot worse - the fact that they're brought here to become prostitutes....

Illegal aliens are a problem here, period, but apparently nothing is going to be done about it.

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