Monday, November 12, 2012

Take a snapshot of this day

Take some photos - how much does gas cost today (it's actually been going down here in CHeyenne for the past two weeks), how much is your paycheck, how much is your taxes, how much do you have to pay for food.

One  year from now on this day, two years, three years, four years - take another snapshot - are things better or worse.

Some of the Conservative/Republican posters over at have been having a meltdown ever since Obama got elected. They're predicting doom...utter disaster, and telling their fellow Liberal/Dem posters, "You own it."

I think it's very childish of them.

But unfortunately, probably true.

Rush was predicting if Obama got elected there'd be no way to get rid of Obamacare - which is not good.

Companies have already started laying off employees - whether they would have done so if Romney had been elected remains to be seen.

Then there's what's going on in the Middle East... where *we* and other "civilized" countries are providing the weapons needed to overthrow Assad...and, like Libya and Egypt...replace him with who? Folks who will go after Israel?

If some country comes into the US with a cache of arms for our disgruntled citizens, we won't have a moral leg to stand on to tell them to stop doing it.

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