Thursday, November 15, 2012

Do Anti-Politician Books Just Preach to the Choir?

I'm thinking of those books that came out against Obama.... first off did anyone read them, and if so...who? Just folks who already believed ill of him and wanted their beliefs confirmed?

Whereas folks who believe in Obama assumed the books would simply be smear jobs and didn't bother to read them?

The same holds true for every politician. There are plenty of anti-Clinton books, and yet he's probably even more popular than Obama. Why?

I mean... there's that video clip of Clinton laughing at a funeral...then when he notices the cameras on him he immediately sobers up and looks sad - surely anyone seeing that clip had to realize what a two-faced jerk he was? Not to mention his constant affairs... why do people still like this guy?  Do they not know about these things - or do they just not care?

People don't like to read about things that don't confirm their beliefs.  Some years ago a book came out that told about the distortions of truth Rush made in his broadcasts. At that time I didn't listen to Rush but my father did...and he didn't even want to read it. As far as he was concerned Rush was infallible and any book that said otherwise was just a put down job, not to be trusted. In other words he didn't want his faith in Rush shaken.

Rush has been wrong on occasion. But that doesn't invalidate how often he's right. All it means is we've got to look up and verify everything, regardless of the source!

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